Toyota FT-86 II: Sportsman created in cooperation with Subaru

Toyota and Subaru had agreed to jointly develop a sports car with rear wheel drive and boxer engines. In this case, the motor should come from Subaru, the technology for the rear wheel drive Toyota. Even the ILO study had these two elements. The car shown in Frankfurt was only 4.16 meters long. The Geneva study measures contrast, now 4.24 meters. This also in Geneva - but only at the stage of a shell - shown equivalent called "Subaru RWD Sports Car" measures only 4.20 meters. Identical, the two racer so far. The wheelbase of 2.57 meters, however, is the same.

The boxer engine will be revving and compact build. For a six-speed transmission is coupled. This combination helped by its low priority, the road situation and helps to good performance in weight, so Toyota. Both the driveline and the seats have been selectively positioned low and far back. This contributes to a balanced axle load ratio, improving the handling. The new Toyota sports car to come by as the Subaru in 2012 on the market. The name of the car has not been reported. Toyota spokesman J├╝rgen Stolze, however, told us in February 2011 that called the Celica is not a newcomer.