Ford Mad Max Concept - Ford created two individuals in honor of "Mad Max"

The Australian unit of concern Ford in collaboration with the magazine TopGear Australia has created two individuals in honor of the cult movie "Mad Max". Unique Cars creatively develop heritage coupe Ford XB Interceptor, «snyavshego" in the famous action movie in 1979, the main role in which Mel Gibson played. Head of the project was the main designer of the regional Asia-Pacific Design Center Ford Chris Svensson, and two lines of designers develop Nima Noorian and Simon Brook.

As a result, they received two show car worthy of any of the modern blockbuster. Mad Max Interceptor is literally stuffed with fantastic weapons - from the Taser for motorcyclists to sharp blades, pulled out of the wheels. In the April issue of TopGear will be published stories of both concepts, readers will choose the best one, based on which will be released on a limited series of toy models.