Mercedes Zetros adapts two 6x6 for hunting parties in Mongolia

More used to the dust from the quarries and war paint, the Zetros not what is called an epitome of luxury and sophistication. That does not mean that there is some crazy head with more money than willing to beat the Brabus Unimog neighbor. Mercedes has announced that two businessmen were responsible Mongolia trails conversions Daimler Truck 6x6 vehicles to become more gross game and also worked ever have walked on the steppe. But if the trucks and are in themselves impressive, its mission is no less, far from pulling fine partridges plummet, its owners, we imagine with the beard and the wealth of Genghis Khan, thought to hunt wolves use traditional Mongolian style . That is, with an eagle on the arm.

Anyway, do not you think that by being designed for such activity as atavistic Zetros seem little more than its components to the base model, which takes the car and the engine (a 7.2 of 326 hp and 1,300 Nm at 1,200 rpm .) Although we have no photos to Ilustrarte all its changes, Mercedes indicates that incorporate a bedroom, living room with table for eight people, kitchen with full bathroom (including shower and heated marble tiles), gunsmith, safe, two televisions (40 and 46 inches), sound equipment, a satellite TV antenna self-adjusting, a Bose hi-fi, and a Mac Mini. The energy required to keep all of this is obtained from a diesel generator. The final touch put the outdoor grills. We assume that grilling the wolves.