Nissan Canada has a pass in Murano CrossCabriolet

We are curious as to whether the crosscabriolet Nissan Murano has what it takes to succeed in the U.S. market. If our Northern friends are any indication, there will be a great success, especially in regions that receive snow and ice.

The Globe and Mail reports that Nissan Canada is not interested in selling the crossing funky / convertible, preferring instead to sit back and size up the vehicle in the U.S. before committing to anything. Ian Forsyth, Nissan Canada's director of planning and strategy, said the newspaper "continue to evaluate the opportunity and success in the U.S. market to see if there is evidence to support a change in our position. "

The table top sales in Canada is usually filled with cheap cars like the Mazda3 and trucks, including Ford F-150, so we can see why a country with six months of snow can do without the crosscabriolet. Still, as Americans are accustomed to being neighbors of the vehicles offered in Europe, we know that some of our Canadian friends will not be very happy to hear this.