What does your Zodiac sign say about your drive report? With Table

A new sign was recently added and changed the universe as we knew it. This led the U.S. insurance company Allstate, compare claims against the revised data zodiac calendar.

Scorpions were only involved in 1.5 percent of all accidents in 2010. If that's your character, congratulations, you're the best driver on the road!

The new sign, Ophiuchus dressed, even in the study as the second safest drivers. But that does not necessarily mean they are experienced riders. Most astrologers seem to individuals born under this sign, a hint a bit more luck than the others.

At the other end of the spectrum were young women, almost 700 percent more likely to be involved in a car accident as the determined and conscious Scorpios. It seems that between 16 September and 30 October are born shy and tend to look behind the wheel.

Here is a list of star sign is the best and worst car drivers involved in the street on the number of drivers in accidents in 2010 based on: