2012 Infiniti EX25 introduced a simpler and cheaper version

With 320 horsepower and a stunning performance, the EX37 is a very particular model that limits their appeal to a very small part of the public. After the appearance of EX30d, Infiniti and offer a more popular option, which now adds a new alternative fuel more consistent with the times (relative to the EX37).

At the moment the EX25 will be available in Russia and other Eastern European countries, but later could reach new destinations. They are equipped with a 2.5i V6 engine with 222 hp and a seven-speed automatic transmission and AWD system. Finishing equipment and fall short of what is expected of an Infiniti, with all the security features included at no charge current and a very careful materials. Recommended prices start at 1,843,500 Russian rubles, about € 46,107 at current rates.


Displacement: 2.496cc
Power: 222 hp
Maximum torque: 252 Nm
Weight: 1,842 kg
Transmission: Automatic, seven-speed
Drive: AWD Total
Maximum speed: 210 km / h
Acceleration 0-100: 9.4 seconds
Average consumption: 10.6 L/100
Urban consumption: 14.3 L/100
Extra-urban consumption: 8.4 L/100