The next Mercedes C-Class will have a hybrid version in 2013

It is known that Mercedes-Benz will in future have hybrid versions of each model, the next generation C-Class not an exception. The car is expected to occur in 2013 will be 10% lighter and has a hybrid version on all versions in an attempt to reduce drastically the Mercedes emissions of CO2. According to Autocar, hybrid versions will be available with both petrol and diesel by emitting 120 g / km and 100 g / km respectively.

The Mercedes is already testing the prototype of the new C-Class and addresses the development of a new three-cylinder engine for the C-Class, so wanted to respond to trikylinrous engines prepared by BMW. At the same time under consideration is the idea off cylinders even in four-cylinder engines that they are 2-cylinders. Finally, the Germans developed a new engine, new gearbox and wheel bearings that reduce friction and improve fuel economy