The future Audi S8 520 hp

This is the A6 and its probable derivatives S and RS catchy at the moment, but we must not forget that Audi is also working on his future sporting A8, S8. There are rumors that the famous V8 4.0 l must equip it should produce 520 hp, history of place next to the Mercedes S63 AMG.

The big Mercedes sedan shows 537 hp BMW Alpina B7 (in the absence of BMW M7) claims 500 hp, the S8 future would be relevant in this segment of the vast elitist sport sedan.

In fact, according to Car and Driver, the V8 4.0 l biturbo she shared with the Bentley Continental GT (in variants 420 and 565 hp) is announced for 520 hp. If power is not greater than the competition, not omit the transmission and the Quattro weight slightly better in the large Audi which should allow it to be ridiculous not to deal with its rivals.

CarAndDriver announced for 2012 at a price above $ 100,000, which would be a lesser evil, knowing that the old motor V10 5.2 450hp already cost more than 110,000 ... euros!