BMW Z4: fuel-saving driving fun roadster AC Schnitzer 99d

The two-liter turbo diesel from the fuel-saving three normally makes 163 hp. Schnitzer increased the power electronically to 190 bhp and the torque increased from 360 to 420 Newton meters. Top speed is called the tuner 235 km / h. From zero to 100 km / h. The diesel roadster in 6.9 seconds to sprint. The measured consumption of Schnitzer is 3.8 liters of diesel. This corresponds to CO2 emissions of around 99 grams per kilometer. Compared with the donor engine BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics is a fuel consumption advantage of 0.3 liters and a lower ten grams of CO2 emissions.

Even lighter wheels and brakes
35 kg of weight loss went to the account of lighter wheel and brake components. Each of the four 8.5 x 19 inch forged wheels is attached with titanium screws and weighs just 7.9, according Tuner kilograms. The high-performance brake system is equipped with lightweight rotors. The reduced unsprung mass will affect the driving experience: According to Schnitzer acts as the vehicle to 335 kg facilitated.

Active Aerodynamics
When the body Schnitzer sat at their own attachments. For example, consist of carbon front spoiler, sport front fender, the roof, the rear skirt inset and the trunk lid. Add to that a rear spoiler, a silver anodized front grille as well as so-called "Bonnet Vents, louvers in the hood. Schnitzer also installed the active aerodynamics in the BMW 520d: A flap in the grille opens only when needed and ensures the closed state for a better flow of air flow. The lowering by 30 millimeters by a racing chassis will also reduce drag.

Interior with iPhone integration
The inmates take up carbon bucket seats with leather place. As an Apple multimedia gimmick is iphone4. Click on the access to all data from the onboard computer is possible. For example, the consumption or the function of the particle filter can be reviewed. In addition, the smartphone is designed to play music, to make phone calls hands-free option for navigating and surfing the web.

Unsaleable technology support
A portion of these components and modifications Schnitzer offers in its program for each Z4. The 99d is to be understood as a technology and remains unique. If there were to buy it, it would cost 149 000 €.