Original and versatile Fiat QUBO

Aggressive and original on the outside, practical and flexible on the inside. The Qubo has its very own distinctive personality: reliable, sturdy and functional, it is the car you can always count on.
The sturdy front and innovative rear, with its tipping, ‘strong box’ boot, emphasise its sturdiness without hiding its original, non-conformist character. The fluid sides with their large windows provide the cabin with lots of light and an excellent view of the road, while the sliding rear doors guarantee easy access to the cabin.
The compactness and simplicity of the Qubo are apparent: 3.959 metres long, 1.735 metres high, and 1.716 metres wide, with a turning circle of less than 10 metres, making narrow city centre streets and the slaloms of urban traffic equally easy.

First Look - Lexus ISC SEMA 2009 Video

SEMA Show 2009: Hyundai Genesis R-Spec and PRICE

At the SEMA Show in Las Vegas gambler's paradise of shows, the Korean car maker Hyundai Genesis coupe in its model 2.0T R-Spec version. In addition to costs has been saved in the special Genesis, especially a lot of weight. The package includes, among other things, a newly tuned suspension, a Brembo brakes, a Torsen limited-slip differential and new performance tires on 19-inch wheels.
The Genesis Coupe R-Spec has a turbocharger with intercooler and makes 201 hp. Koreans give the maximum speed of around 220 kilometers per hour. In addition to Bluetooth and a cruise includes an onboard computer and a multifunction steering wheel is standard equipment. In the U.S. you have to shell out for the Genesis R-Spec $ 23,750.

New Dirty Car Arts Photo Gallery

Again rumors about a new Porsche 928

Porsche 928
With the ability to drive and rear wheel drive platform is widely used. A new Porsche supercar will unfortunately not easy, but a fast GT looks like a convertible, but to come. Porsche is obviously not outweighed by the SLS AMG, R8 V10. Both cars that rise above 911 on many fronts. They are faster, offer more luggage (at least the SLS) and do not look like a beetle. Then you look outside Germany than his own ends the Gran Turismo, Continental GT and Porsche 599 GTB would even potential buyers will win.

Look around you 20 years back there you see a Porsche that these cars could make a lot harder, at least a spiritual successor. This new 928 aka Panamera Coupe GT is on the schedule for 2012. There will be a V8, V8 and turbo hybrid variant appear. The latter seems Audi's supercharged six-cylinder to use. Of the Cayenne and Panamera will already hybrid versions of this technique appear. Auto Express has made an impression of the coupe version.

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
In one way or another call matte colors have associations with more normal "things up. Smurfs blue, gray garbage bags (/ black), green frog. In everyday life, just not everything is shiny, and perhaps makes the matte color on cars are familiar. The 599 looks in this color at least a lot more desirable than that eternal red. Actually those are separate lines of Fiorano is anyway consistent with a banana, and that you will not have red gloss. More pictures are on Junk Cars, courtesy of Flamingo on the spot!

Maserati Kuba CUV Concept Photos

2010 Saleen Mustang Photos Gallery

Fiat - Driven By The Future - Perfect Fiat Advertisite

Fiat Cars Historical Ads Video.

Nissan 370Z Coupe GT Pack

On the outside it looks not very different. The Nissan 370Z is in appearance only subtle points from the Nissan 350Z. The difference in the motor. Instead of a 3.5 liter engine has a 3.7 liter Nissan's sports car hung. A 3.7 V6, that is. And that makes a world of difference.

The Nissan 370Z is shorter, wider, lighter, stiffer and lower than the 350Z. This looks more like a sports car, although the look on the face not quite seem to be drastically different. But that is the Nissan 370Z does. Nissan has listened to motorists who have purchased the 350Z, because on all fronts is the behavior of the 370Z improvements over the 350Z. And it all begins with the slightly larger engine size.

Revolutionary in the Nissan 370Z is called SynchroRev Control function. That ensures that the switching speed by more gradual changes. Less shock therefore, the up and down switch. This drives the Nissan much more fluid than you would expect in a sports car. Add to this a luxurious interior, and you know that with this show attracts a lot of Nissan 370Z.

Zenvo ST1

Technical features of the Auto, 7-liter V8 engine's maximum power with excess supply 6900 rpm 1104 hp, maximum torque is 4500 rpm 1430 Nm. Maximum speed 375 km / h (electronically controlled), 0-100 km / h in 3 seconds. Vehicle's size, length 4.66 m, width of 2:04 m, height of 1:19 m. Weight 1376 kg, 69 liter fuel tank of the vehicle as designed.

Mansory Panamera

Previously only British cars to modify the Swiss tuning company recently Mansory Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren car with the Italian and German cars such as was also at hand.

High power of the tool body polyurethane (PU-RIM) and made from Carbon Prepreg-Autoclave-equipped with new aerodynamic components. Front and rear wheels and 35 mm in size 9.5x21 and 11.5x21-inch lowered suspension, a good fit with içindeler. According to the company's claims Mansory, Panamera, agents that increase the overall attractiveness of a new sport exhaust system also wearing.

Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG Wide Body

New front, massive display instead of the standard bumper, LED daytime navigational lights and small, halogen headlights with fog lights similar to a three-part unit has achieved. Companies also wearing a front spoiler and hood has designed a more aggressive appearance. New, swollen in the larger 22-inch wheels with wheel sockets are. New rear bumper and a lightweight rear lighting the F1 hosts difüzer. Belgian company produces all cars AMG 510 hp comes with a 6.3-liter V8 engine.

400 km with a single charge - E6

From the wall outlet at home 7-8 hours of battery time wandering Chinese were alleged E6 single charge can go 400K.

Center located in Hong Kong, the Chinese car manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dreams), could revolutionize the automotive world, a time when recharging an electric car that can get 400 km road is preparing to issue.

E6 electric car was developed by BYD named a new, 5 people can travel freely inside and has a large trunk has. Vehicle's battery is placed under the rear seat.

Panamera 9ff PT55 Video

Latest 9ff Panamera with amazing valve system exhaust. Perfect for silent long travelling and openvalve you have a V8 powerful sound. The 22" rims also fit perfect to the car. Lovely color.

United Kingdom Launched 74.3mpg VW Golf BlueMotion

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion

The Golf BlueMotion is offered with a price tag of £17,325 (RRP OTR) which is £785 more than the standard S 1.6-litre TDI. However VW says buyers who travel over 10,000 miles (16,093 km) per annum will be able to save over £120 a year just in fuel savings alone. Also, its theoretical range is 889 miles (1,447 km) with its 55 litre tank.

New Opel Astra 2010 official

The appearance of the next generation Opel Astra for anyone to date has not been a secret - the numerous spy shots, leaked the first official photos and sketches made themselves felt long before the online premiere of the car. Astra has become more plump and softer. Is this good? Hardly ... but such was the direction in the development of their design chosen by the Germans.

Opelevtsy did not fail to notice that the Insignia model is now achieved the best sales in Europe among the D-class sedans, so that the hope for Astra, no less. Now represented by only five-door hatchback, and even then without a photo of the interior. The next step - a sedan, station wagon, and, of course, the coupe. Hopefully, it will be much brighter than their brothers in the model range, the example of the previous generation.

Ecological Taxi

Top 10 Secrets to reduce gasoline consumption

10 Ways to Reduce Your Fuel Costs

If the price of oil continues to rise inexorably, we try at least to limit the damage by following some simple steps. Let's look:

* Style guide: accelerating gently, avoiding the departures rocket, and then proceed with the highest gear possible and constant speed. Do not change frequently, traveling to the fourth or fifth gear in town. Adopt a style of perception, pointing out that the continuous use of brakes dissipate energy. Where possible, use the brake-motor. These simple measures can save you up to 10-20% of fuel.
* Do not accelerate if you see a tail on the horizon, but let go of the machine inertia in order to save fuel and brakes. Same goes for the slopes: if possible, high gear without touching the accelerator or brake motor.
* Remove heavy objects out of the car is unusable: Remember that fuel consumption rises by 10-15% with the rack empty (ruin the aerodynamics) and also twice with roof racks loaded. Addition, the rear carrier should not be used as a closet: a kilo less will save many euros.
* Keep open the windows or the sunroof in the features extra-urban acts as brake on the car, pushing up fuel consumption. Open it only for the time required for air exchange in the cockpit.
* The tire pressure affects fuel consumption and increases tire wear. Deflated tires have more friction with the asphalt by acting as a brake to the motion of the car. It 'a good idea to check the tire pressure at least every two weeks.
* A good automobile maintenance is the secret to contain the fuel consumption. A few examples follow. A clogged air filter increases the consumption of 10-15%. Similarly, lubricating oil too old involves a greater effort to the engine to work. Convergence wrong wheel increases the friction with the road. E 'therefore advisable to plan an annual check up at the authorized workshops by asking complete control of the car.
* Turn off the engine if congestion in theory would agree even if you just stand still for about twenty seconds, provided that the engine is already warm.
* All electrical equipment consume fuel: the case of the stereo, heating incorporated in the seats and air conditioning (to be used only when absolutely necessary, turn it occasionally in winter). To produce a kilowatt of electricity is almost 1 liter of fuel.
* Avoid higher speeds: car launched at 160 km / h consumes about 45% more than 120 km / h.
* When possible, go on foot or use the bicycle will benefit your body too.

What is S tronic ?

ast turn to drive sporty: The S tronic ® combines the sportiness of the gearbox with the advantages of automation. The gear changes with the dual clutch gearbox done comfortably and with almost no noticeable interruption in traction. Depending on the driver's request, the circuit in a fully automatic or a manual mode with steering wheel controls can be controlled.

Twice is better: Technical basis of the S tronic ® is the double clutch. One of the two clutches serves the odd gears and reverse, the other clutch at the even gears. Benefit: Without interruption in traction and in less than 0.2 seconds is switched from one gear to the next.
Driving is always engaged in a corridor and a pre-selected: While the first clutch transmits power in a humming, the second the next gear disengaged ready. At the switching point will open the flash of a clutch segment, while at the same time, the other closes. The switching process is therefore hardly noticeable.
The consistently efficient power transfer sovereignty supports a sporty driving style - both in automatic mode and manual shifting in:

* In automatic mode, the switching behavior is decidedly sporty S program in the circuit in the wiring to comfort-D program flexibly chosen.
* Prefers the manual gearshift is, can the gears via paddles on the steering wheel in style or button to select the shift lever.

Other advantages of the S tronic ®: the high efficiency leads to low fuel consumption and reduced pollutant emissions.

What is Multitronic ?

The multitronic ® is a continuously variable transmission. It combines the dynamics and economics of the gearbox with the convenience of automatic transmission. Thanks to the continuous translation and by the adaptive map control uses the multitronic ® is always the optimal speed range.

The multitronic ® on the one hand allows a more comfortable speed in comparison to conventional automatic transmissions, the other is usually lower due to the close control of the firm's optimum fuel economy than the manual transmission.

A power-transmitting steel-link chain (pull chain) runs in an oil bath between two conical disk pairs variable, the variator. From more than 1,000 pairs of pin and 75 tongues link chain designed a torque transfer up to 330 Newton meters. By pushing together or pulling apart the two Kegelradflächen the link chain continues to run inside or outside of the conical disk pairs in any driving situation and provides continuous optimal for translation.

The adjustment of the conical surfaces is done hydraulically, and using different Steuerungskennlinien. A hydraulic torque sensor ensures here that the link chain is always properly tensioned and transmits the torque without slip.

The hydraulic multi-plate clutch enables through its electronic control system increased driving comfort and agility. It also contributes to a low fuel consumption. Occurs because the driver, for example when waiting at traffic lights, the brake is reduced by decoupling the electronic engine and gearbox, the Kriechmoment.

In the electronic-hydraulic control unit in housing all the variables of driver, engine and vehicle run together. To recognize the dynamic rule DRP program, for example, to the accelerator pedal position and movement, will be whether sporty or a consumption-driven. A manual intervention as in the tiptronic transmission is possible, whereby it is possible depending on the version up to eight simulated speed levels are available.

Renault Twingo V8 Trophy Lazereth Photos and Video

Renault Twingo V8 Trophy Lazereth
Renault Twingo Trophy: presented by the French tuning house Lazareth version and price 70 000 € ..

Car Audio Glossary of Terms List

1. Electrical charge that indicates how much base current flows in an electrical circuit. 2. The amount of current that flows in a circuit if we apply the voltage of 1 volt and the resistance of 1 Ohm.

1. A device that increases the amplitude of the signal applied to its input. 2. A device that generates a large output signal having a small signal at its input.

Measuring the extent of a signal measured in V.

Real-time spectrum analyzer
A device on a display that can display the intensity of the various constituents frequency audio spectrum. To detect the acoustic environment using a microphone and pink noise as a signal. With him, you can greatly increase the performance of any system, especially in no time

Any device that requires food to function.

The frequency range of serious, usually its upper limit is 100Hz.

Bass Reflex
A speaker system that using a pipe or a given port, allows the air inside the case to reinforce the main issue of the speaker. May be also called vented or ported

BL (measured in Tesla meters).
The product of the magnetic flux of a speaker for the height of the coil of the same.

A component in which the impedance decreases with increasing frequency.

It 'also called the condenser. It is normally used in the crossover as high-pass filter. Can be used to store energy.

Conductor A material that resists the passage of current.

Constant Q / Q-constant
Equalization designed to maintain constant amplitude to vary the bandwidth. E 'used on a third octave equalizer so as not to interfere in the rules on adjacent frequencies.

Alternating current (AC)
A current produced when electrons move in one direction and then in another. Musical signal of any kind is home alternating (AC)

Short circuit
Circuit where the input supply is grounded before or within the circuit itself. This causes a strong current flow resulting in overheating and burns if not protected by the power fuses

Active crossover
A single product, consists of several subparts of cuts designed to operate in frequency. The entire frequency spectrum is divided into several parts, and sent through excitement or mitigation amplifiers. The electronic crossover debut amplifiers.

See & Passive Crossover Active crossover

The abbreviation of Decibel. See Decibel.

The period in which a spectrum analyzer used for measurement. A rapid decay is used to display the musical signal, a slow decay is preferred for more accurate measurements.

Decibel (dB Abbreviated)
the unit of measure to describe the intensity of the signal or sound level. Work on a logarithmic scale, and an increase of 3 dB means a doubling, an increase of 6 dB, an increase of four times, etc.. E '1 / 10 of a Bel

Made any difference to the shape of the original signal, after it has passed through the sound system.

DSM (Discrete Surface Mount)
And 'process of assembly of components onto a circuit board electronics. SMD are used for fast robot, the components are much smaller, and you can help save space, or increase the thickness of the slopes to improve the efficiency of the circuit.

Dual-Bandwidth A characteristic of AudioControl equalizers. This circuit provides a more accurate adjustment in the most critical, that of the low frequencies.

The difference in dynamics between the signal Decibel lowest and the highest that a system or a piece of music can play. In the case of a complete system is the difference between background noise and maximum power output from the amplifier. In the case of a registration, is the difference between background noise and the maximum amount of signal that the medium used can accept.

Overall efficiency as efficiency means the ratio between the total energy applied and the energy produced. E 'expressed in percentage. Un'altoparlante normally has a very low efficiency, which ranges from 1% to 3%. It means that between 97% and 99% of power is dissipated in heat. Amplifier for use in automobiles, usually have an efficiency of 50%.

EQ is' an improper name for defining a multi-tone control, which can do several things, including acoustic here to correct deficiencies. However 30 years you still call it that.

F3 (measured in Hz). The frequency at which the power of the system is halved, and also indicates the minimum reproducible

Damping factor of an amplifier's ability to control the load on the stop signal. Normally, the higher this value, the better. The damping factor is calculated by dividing the work load (speaker impedance) with the output impedance of the amplifier. This means that an amplifier that works at 4 ohms will have a more restrained and controlled bass amplifier instead of the same work is done at 2 Ohms

Fb (measured in Hz). The frequency of agreement of a sound box in a bass reflex.

A filter (active or passive) that allows the passage only of certain frequencies, easing the previous and following.

Center Frequency The frequency in a signal which has the minimum or maximum peak intensity.

A system of electrical protection. In practice consists of a wire section that blends well calculated passes on him when a current higher than predetermined.

This equalizer has various settings such as fixed frequency, but variables such as amplitude. Its name the devas that many equalizers have sliders, which once adjusted graphically display the curve set.

Indicate when two or more electronic components are connected to the masses with different potentials. When this happens, the slight difference in potential between the two units generates annoying hum and noise.

Hertz (Hz)
L 'unit of frequency. One Hertz is equal to one cycle of a half-wave per second

Impedance (measured in ohms).
The resistance which opposes the passage of a conductor AC

Sometimes called subsonic. Are the frequencies ranging from 1Hz to 20Hz are inaudible to human ears but cause also accentuated the movement of the subwoofer. These frequencies agree very well amplifiers, which must work to reproduce frequencies inaudible. Are generated by low frequency oscillations, such as walking on a wooden floor during a recording, or are given dall'acoustic feedback, or poor recordings. Can damage the subwoofer.

1. Area of frequencies at -3 dB points of a bandpass filter. 2. Working range of an electronic component.

The (Measured millihenri, MH).
The electrical inductance of the coil loudspeaker.

LED Light-Emitting Diode. A small semiconductor capable of emitting light instantly. Does not produce heat, so it is very suitable as a detection system. E 'also used on a spectrum analyzer to speed on his power.

This term means the potential of zero electrical circuit. A good ground is critical for proper system performance, such as power output and no noise.

Measurement Microphone
A special microphone designed to detect only the frequency response of an environment. His response is perfectly flat. Any irregularities are compensated for by equalization in the system of measurement. Normally the cost is very high.

It 'a method to divide the audio spectrum. An octave is double the previous year and the goal of what follows.

Equalization where you can act both as a frequency adjustment is the same as the width. E 'normally used in professional systems, given its performance, its versatility and its complexity in use.

A component that requires no power. Normally presents a loss of signal manipulation

Line loss
The amount of signal lost because of passive components on the signal, such as crossover passive resistance or attenuation

PFM Programmable Frequency Match.
A system used by AudioControl to accurately determine the operating frequency of a subsonic filter, where even a few Hz can make a difference.

Pink Noise - Pink Noise
E 'a signal where I played all the octaves of the audio spectrum with the same intensity. And a crucial signal for calibration and entry point of audio systems with the help of a spectrum analyzer in real time.

Power (measured in Watts RMS).
This is the continuous power that a coil of un'altoparlante immersed in its magnetic field, is able to dissipate without damage. The speakers, in any way you can damage if the amplifier reaches clipping.

When the amplifier enters clipping produces square waves of distortion, which can be regarded as current, although the music is composed exclusively of alternating current. When the subwoofer amplifier enters clipping, it is very hard to detect because it is this distortion at low frequencies is not very audible.

The frequency in which there is an attenuation of 3 dB. Indicates the beginning or end of a frequency response or the crossover point.

Q can be defined is the relationship between the bandwidth and center frequency of a filter, is the relationship between the reactance and resistance in a circuit in series, as the ratio between the resistance and reactance in a circuit in parallel.

The Q of the resonant frequency un'altoparlante considering only the electrical losses.

The Q of the resonant frequency un'altoparlante considering only mechanical losses.

The Q un'altoparlante or a speaker in sealed box at the resonant frequency whereas only the resistive losses.

The Q of the resonant frequency un'altoparlante considering only the resistive losses.

Quality Factor
Also referred to as Q, is defined as the center frequency divided by bandwidth.

What resistance is resistance to the passage of electric current in a circuit, is measured in ohms (W).

DC Resistance (Re) (measured in ohms).
The real strength of un'altoparlante measured with a standard voltmeter. Is normally lower nominal impedance of the speaker. A 4 Ohm speaker usually has a DC resistance ranging from 3.2 to 3.5 Ohms. Can be useful when you are not sure of the impedance of a loudspeaker.

Free air resonance (Fs and Fo) (measured in Hz).
The frequency at which the speaker vibrates with ease. FS, is not the only parameter that indicates how a speaker will sound on the low frequencies.

Root Mean Square (RMS)
See the actual voltage

S Factor
The description of the frequency response of a loudspeaker in a band-pass configuration. Generally also indicates the bandwidth.

A material as the case may include both as a conductor, both as an insulator.

Conventional sense of slip of the current
The sense that the current takes on when it should flow from a point of high potential to a point with less potential.

A circuit where components are connected one after another like a chain.

Connecting components in series or in parallel with each other, in order to increase the power handling capabilities compared to single component.

Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
The measure of sound pressure in an environment, expressed in dB, or more correctly in dBA. The noise at the edge of a city street is about 60 dBA. 1 dB, is the smallest audible difference in the variation of intensity of sound. Theoretically 1 dB is the minimum signal audible to the human ear, while 120 dB is the limit of discomfort, 130 the limit of pain.

See Sound Pressure Level

SPLo (measured in dB).
The efficiency of reference un'altoparlante measured at 1kHz with a meter away with 1 W.

See infrasonic

Effective surface area (Sd) (measured in meters or square centimeters).
E 'the effective radiating area of a loudspeaker, including a part of the board.

Effective voltage
A voltage of an AC signal having the same effect as an equivalent voltage DC. Also known as RMS (Root Mean Square).

Treble - Treble
The high frequency audio spectrum.

Small loudspeaker suited to reproducing the high frequencies.

Vas (measured in liters or cubic feet).
Volume Acoustic Suspension. And 'the volume of air that has the same softness of the suspension of un'altoparlante.

Vb (measured in liters or cubic feet)
The internal volume of a speaker.

Encumbered by the earpiece volume measured considering its maximum range.

The unit of measurement of electromotive force (V)

Usually refers to the internal volume of a speaker, obtained by multiplying the three dimensions of the box (L x H x D)

The unit of measure for electrical power. 1 W, by definition, is when a circuit passes a current of 1 A with a voltage of 1 V.

Normally a large diameter loudspeaker suited to reproduce the low frequencies.

Xmax (measured in millimeters or inches).
And 'the measurement of the excursion of a loudspeaker linear whereas only one way.

Perfect Video Lexus LFA

Vauxhall/Opel Astra Detail price and alternatives

Price/availability: £16,000/on sale December

Tested: Vauxhall Astra 1.4 turbo five-door, with six-speed manual transmission

Power/torque: 138bhp/148lb ft

Top speed: 127mph

Acceleration: 0-62mph in 9.7sec

Fuel economy (combined): 36.2mpg

CO2 emissions: 139g/km

VED band: E (£120)

Alternatives: Ford Focus, from £12,602. Peugeot 308, from £13,495. VW Golf, from £14,075.

Verdict: Brings a better class of design and construction to this sector and drives nicely. Not sold on the 1.4T engine: the Astra's too heavy for it to pull.

Peugeot 5008 Price and Alternatives

Price: £22,495

Tested: 5008 HDi 150 Exclusive

Power/torque: 150bhp/251lb ft

Top speed: 121mph

Acceleration: 0-62mph in 10sec

Fuel economy (Urban): 37.7mpg

CO2 emissions: 149g/km

VED band: F (£125)

Alternatives: Renault Grand Scenic, from £17,395; Citroën Grand Picasso, from £14,995; Vauxhall Zafira, from £17,650; Ford S-Max, from £18,895; VW Touran, from £16,225.

Verdict: Looks good, with a less bulbous nose than other Peugeots; drives well and spacious interior has a touch of quality.

Honda Civic Type R Mugen Details and Price

Price/availability: £38,599/On sale spring 2010.

Tested: Honda Civic Type R Mugen

Power/torque: 240bhp/156lb ft

Top speed: more than 140mph

Acceleration: 0-62mph in 7.0sec approx

Fuel economy (Urban): N/A

CO2 emissions: N/A

VED Band: N/A

Alternatives: Ford RS Focus, from £26,995. Honda Civic Type R, from £19,000, Mazda3 MPS, from £21,500, Mitsubishi Evo 2.0T FQ-360 GS, £37,554, Subaru Impreza WRX STI 330S, £30,345

Ford Kuga: 2011 will be produced in the USA

Ford Kuga
Since October of 2011, the Ford Kuga will be produced in the United States. The Blue Oval has revealed an insider of the issuer Cologne Bloomberg TV. The decision to move production of the Kuga in the U.S. is linked to three factors: the low labor costs, a weak dollar and the ability to market the SUV also in the U.S. market. Assembly of the car was chosen plant in Louisville, Kentucky. About 80,000 units will be exported to Europe, which will remain the main market for the Ford Kuga.

Brian Johnson, an analyst with the automotive sector for Barclays Capital, in an interview with Bloomberg TV just said that the choice of Ford "has a meaning, because Western Europe is not a particularly cheap to build cars" . In addition, Johnson has estimated that the cost of labor in the U.S. could be lower by about $ 10 per hour per employee, compared to that charged in Germany.

Barclays Capital analyst concluded by saying that "to produce a car with European specifications on an assembly line in the United States also demonstrates the advantages in having common platforms. Finally, thanks to this initiative for the Kuga, Ford could get from UAW concessions similar to those already given by the union at GM and Chrysler.

United States: Volkswagen Golf GTI MKVI limited series of 6 pieces

Volkswagen has confirmed the arrival of the Golf GTI in the United States but it is already time for a special series. At the launch of the game Real GTI Racing for iPhone, which has as its protagonist, the German sports hatchback, it will be offered as prizes 6 Golf GTI MKVI, a limited edition that is characterized by black color, the interior finishes specifications, the exclusive circles of 18, the MK6 GTI badge and many carbon fiber trim both inside and out.

Mini Crossover Concept Details

Mini Crossover
The debut of the Mini Crossover may occur at the next Detroit Auto Show, scheduled in January 2o10. The new model, the internal code R60, has been repeatedly announced, but its presentation was far slipped for several reasons: to Frankfurt, for example, has preferred to give space to the concept coupe and roadster.

The crossover, which should be called the Countryman, will be equipped with four-wheel drive and a body that derives in part from the Clubman, so as to characterize it as a specific model: the appearance was anticipated at the Paris motor show 2008 by the Crossover Concept. Will be produced by Steyr plant in Austria, although recent statements by the BMW group seem to indicate a willingness to suspend relations with the group Magna International after the successful acquisition of Opel. The alternative is to Regensburg, the German plant where it will be soon transferred part of the production Mini.

Suzusho Supasse-V Details and Photos

Suzusho Supasse-V

When does a builder craft Lotus 7 replica decides it's had enough and sets out to create a modern racing car for the street? This long question was could we do to Suzusho, who has performed in Tokyo on Supasse-V, a sports car with fiberglass body (on a tubular chassis), and Mazda 2.3 turbo engine and power to shape their dreams of becoming a manufacturer worthy of respect.

The problem is that while the accompanying benefits (no figures, but with 850 kg and 264 hp you can imagine), the style is not one of its strengths.

Outside, the Supasse-V recovered in the same frame for the lights that we have seen in a million and a half kit-cars, while the rear of the vehicle (like the rest, for that matter) seems a mixture in blender several of the sport more representative of recent years. Still, it can be a cheaper alternative for drivers Japanese cars more expensive (and refined), such as the Lotus Exige Stealth.

Suzusho Supasse-V
Suzusho Supasse-V
Suzusho Supasse-V

lexus LFA Specifications and Price

VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-door coupe


ENGINE TYPE: DOHC 40-valve V-10, aluminum block and heads, port fuel injection

Displacement: 293 cu in, 4805cc
Power (SAE net): 553 bhp @ 8700 rpm
Torque (SAE net): 354 lb-ft @ 6800 rpm

TRANSMISSION: 6-speed automated manual

Wheelbase: 102.6 in Length: 177.4 in
Width: 74.6 in Height: 48.0 in
Curb weight (C/D est): 3500 lb

Zero to 60 mph: 3.5 sec
Standing ¼-mile: 11.8 sec
Top speed (drag limited, mfr’s claim): 202 mph

EPA city/highway driving:14/20 mpg