Chevrolet Captiva Videos

Exterior view with the sporty and dynamic appearance Captiva'nın Sports sub-cover, the mirror can be folded and 18 "alloy wheels complete the look as strong.

Captiva 5 and 7 seats as internal hardware option is offered. This is a great advantage for large families. Even more than the 7 seat option in the price does not change. Also 2 different hardware level Captiva LT LT Medium and High options to the customer is presented with style and comfort. A nice view of the car in the sun light is green phosphorous. Leather seats and steering wheel offers customers a high comfort.

Vehicle noise level is too low. Stop your vehicle is waiting at a red light may think. Adequate viewing angle and the mirror. Using this tool instead of a long journey to the hotel if you might want to sleep in the car.

Volume 1991 cc 150 hp engine power and maximum torque is 320 nm. 0-100 km / h 12.4 seconds to accelerate the Captiva completed 100 km 11 lt. fuel is consumed. In normal use the front drive wheels to the back of the Captiva is needed to transmit power.

Tesla Roadster 2 Video and Picture , info

Tesla Roadster, 0 to 100km / h speed 3.9sn 'can reach, and about a special electric motor with 250HP power running. One charge that can go with 300km'ye nearest road vehicles, 160km / h maximum speedboat can reach. Engine volume produce work that is zero during the 160km / h fast even when you do not hear a sound other than the tire volume. Especially strong is the tug of a great experience in terms of driving pleasure is. Personally, a tool that can navigate the world because of what heryerini nor the performance of engine has the sound of weakness. Each aspect is great tool for people who cut out unaccommodating. Super cars and the price is between $ 80,000 level of free will. Give and receive a $ 200,000 Lamborghini Gallardo and performance given him much more flexible than that to get this tool that will be his wife. From the back and 2 forward gears with pushing the car, you can reach 13.000RPM era. 3.5 hours with fully charged battery of the car with 100,000 miles life is available. As battery type, mobile phone Li-ion battery that is familiar to. Nearly 100% efficiency of the engine only a portion of electric energy as heat is out. In addition to that the need is not something to oxygen to work, that is only charging enough. Can be used without any problems for years, simple structure with a motor vehicle of the future of automobile technology is seen as a pioneer.


Tesla Motors test-drive event in Miami, Florida .

Opel Insignia

Due to the large interior and trunk volume car type to be observed with the Insignia Sports Tourer'in, driving performance without sacrificing low-carbon, environmentally-friendly driving is reported to offer.

In addition to setting standards of comfort-oriented or sports''Tour''to use''Sport''driving mode can be made between the car in profile, leave the driver's route if the warning''that''Opel Eye camera also has features.

2010 Renault Megane RS Pictures

2010 Renault Megane RS French thrusting out of the way of new photos has been published.

Edag Light Car Open Source videos

Engineering company and the new Light Car EDAG concept car manufacturer (Light Cars) concept at Geneva Motor Show in the face of the day was out.
Light green designed for a future more advanced lightweight materials and power transmission Car concept is useful.

Light basalt fiber utilization, EDAG one of the main tekonolojik innovation. 100% new basalt fiber may be repeated, the less expensive carbon fiber and aluminum parts.

Power, the wheel is placed on the package depends on the lithium-ion electric drums coming from a driving system. Concept cars can be up to 150 km. Through this system, Light Car kompaktlığı of the system, such as small car EDAG also be applied.

One of the other innovations Light customizable concept car interior design. For example, the driver asks where air conditioning control system can be put there. Other areas of the LED makes use of surplus.

world's cheapest car tata nano pictures and videos

video 1

video 2

"People's Car" in the legs and head to the spacious passenger compartment is separated broad areas. Four people can easily get. With high seating position makes it easy to input and output of the four doors.

3.1 meter length, 1.5 meters wide and 1.6 meters high, but enough space in the high-level way through the crowded cities and in rural areas has a comfortable maneuvering capabilities. Mono sound system, found in corners and behind the wheel of the power transmission mechanism, a unique ability to maneuver this large area and is in the small car.

Is released, NANO with both standard and luxury models will be offered for sale. Both models also will have wide color options and many other accessories, so that private car according to individual preferences can be used as
Less gasoline combustion engine

Tata NANO is a new rear drive, is composed entirely of aluminum and double-cylinder, 623 cc, 33 horse power and a gasoline engine has multi-fuel spraying. Tata NANO with a single balance shaft in a car the first time, a two-cylinder gasoline engine is used. With a simple design strategy is to try to reduce weight and thus the energy consumed in the unit for best performance and high fuel efficiency level reached is provided. Performance, a specially designed electronic engine management system is controlled.
All security standards are

"People's Car" of the safety performance, in excess of current requirements. Completely metal body, the passenger compartment has a solid strain regions, resistant to hard doors, seat belts, durable seats and safety features, such as is available basis, the body is connected to the rear luggage door. Increase the security of tubeless tires are.

"People's Car" of the exhaust emission performance, in excess of current requirements. High fuel consumption is also the car's low carbon dioxide emissions warranties, so the emerging as an economic solution to automobile vehicles, low carbon domains would provide a double benefit.

Aston Martin Lagonda Video and Photos

Aston Martin in 2009 in Genova Motor Show concept model only to identify the ONE-77'i not Lagonda models also came to promote.

Aston Martin luxury travel agent's main goal Lagonda'yı launched in developing markets such as China and Russia to have a say. This model will then market the 'Rapide' model to a different location closer to become a sports coupe, rather than a 'Grand Tourer' and was designed in the style of four taking a luxury crossover.

As a result of this design tool concern, 22''lik front wheels and a giant in size to have a grid. Cars is the first published photos of prominent hair flat roof and the decision of the A and B column Saab 9-X BioHybrid concept model'll associate the larger of the tool, the high body, splayed on the fender and the rear section, stylish design is changing that idea immediately.

The car's interior is quite large and comfortable enough for long trips gives head and leg distance. Luxury interior of the designer, is already a very popular concept model in 2006 and Citroen C-Metis who have worked for Steven Platt.

The use of high-quality leather and materials, as well as netal around her little eyes used.

Lagonda concept, outlined in 1993, the same designer Callum Moray concept car is introduced at the fair looks like. Aston Martin company Lagonda, Rapide model as different from the model has become a crossover.

Kia has a limited edition of Soul, Soul Ignition

Kia Soul Ignition
Kia launches in the United States a special edition of Soul called 'Ignition'. This second limited edition after the Soul Denim offers an exclusive orange hue, contrast, black stripes in the middle door on the underbody and the roof and hood. Based on the + Soul, Soul Ignition delivers upscale amenities, including a new audio system with iPod connection coupled to an amplifier of sound, fog lamps and a 5 speed manual box. The Kia Soul Ignition is already available in concession costs of 17,500 dollars (12,200 euros).

Kia Soul Ignition
Kia Soul Ignition

2010 Bentley Continental Supersports - Geneva Auto Show

British luxury car manufacturer, the model is the fastest Bentley'in Continental Supersports, first time out against the Geneva Auto Show.

Fast and Furious 2009 Trailer