2012 Opel AMPERA details and spy pictures

2012 Opel AMPERA details and spy pictures
2012 Opel AMPERA details and spy pictures
2012 Opel AMPERA details and spy pictures
Testing Opel Ampera 2012 is still ongoing, but even through the camouflage can be seen curved body parts other than the American version. Opel rigged his own version of a new front fascia and a slightly raised back Ampera.

Engines in cars will be identical, meaning that the battery power of the above amount to 111 kW. Exclusively on a single electricity Opel Ampera able to overcome about 60 km, after which work a gasoline engine, which recharge the battery.

The engine also delivers 370 Nm of torque, which allows the vehicle to accelerate to 100 km / h in nine seconds, with a maximum speed of 160 km / h.

Now also know that GM offers on eight battery warranty, even though about Opel Ampera such information is not. First Opel Ampera 2012 will appear in April this year, which will release Michigan assembly plant.

2012 Model Mercedes C-Class Coupe

2012 Model Mercedes C-Class Coupe
2012 Model Mercedes C-Class Coupe
Last week Mercedes outlined the plans for their strategic development by launching at least 20 new cars over the next five years. The purpose of this plan is to increase the commercial success of the German company.

Of course, the stated number of models can not be achieved only through the renewal or reconstruction of existing models, without the release of a completely new versions. Coupe C-Class just falls into the latter category.

Release Date coupe is called a (rumored to happen in March next year), but the car needs to heighten competition in this segment.

To a large extent under the hood coupe Mercedes C-Class will appear the same four-and six-cylinder petrol engines, power in the region of 156 ... 292 hp and diesel variants with a power range 136 hp ... 231 It is expected the hybrid version, equipped with an electric motor for 20 "horses", and maybe 60.

As the cost of the compartment should be cheaper four-door version.

First seen three-door version of the BMW 1 series spyshots

First seen three-door version of the BMW 1 series spyshots
Earlier fotoshpiony provide snapshots only five-door version of the first series, with rounded exhaust pipes, marking 135i on the back, under the hood which may be the new gasoline turbocharged engine N55, 302 hp power

Debut of the BMW 1-series is scheduled for next year, as the model 2012.

First seen three-door version of the BMW 1 series spyshots

Dodge Durango 2012 showed its interior

Dodge Durango 2012 showed its interior
The first thing that catches your eye is the quality used for interior trim materials, design, seems to have improved over the whole plane, the style of execution is simplified, becoming more intuitive, touch screen navigator good read.

Codenamed "WD", Dodge Durango 2012 will share a platform with the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 and Mercedes ML-Class. However, it should be noted that not so long ago, Chrysler has outlined his five-year plan of development in which the word "Durango" was not mentioned at all, and therefore we can assume that this name will be replaced, but what is not known. Dodge Durango name first appeared in 1998, and is rumored it can be replaced by the Magnum.

Under the hood Durango / Magnum may be identical Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 engines, with a new 3.6-liter Pentastar, power of 280 hp and 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 capable of 390 hp Also in the news, you may receive the transfer of dual-clutch, the third row of seats, adaptive cruise control and parking sensors.

Toyota will stop production of Sequoia, Tundra updated version by 2014

Toyota will stop production of Sequoia, Tundra updated version by 2014
Toyota will stop production of Sequoia, Tundra updated version by 2014
In 2002, Toyota has implemented more than 70 000 vehicles Sequoia, in the last year the figure was already 20 000, thus the decision to stop production of this SUV is not surprising. And this decision is also due to the introduction of new Euro standards.

In turn, Toyota Tundra in 2014 will restyling, just at a time when Ford, General Motors and Nissan plans to release their similar cars. Even despite the fact that sales of Tundra also not so high, Toyota feels the need for this version is able to successfully compete in its segment and update may contribute to sales growth.

Mark Kia by doubts of the need to issue a pickup Soul

kia soul pick up
In the current economic situation in the world's Kia had doubts about the feasibility of expanding the model range of Soul and run a series of compact pickup truck, which was built based on the concept car Soul'ster. In an interview with the publication of Ward's Auto said the head of Planning Department of the American products division Kia Orth Hedrick.

According to him, now, companies need to determine exactly how much time and resources to develop such a vehicle and, accordingly, whether the project to have any business perspective. According to Hedrick, the production version of the pickup Soul'ster because of the open top and a need to create a completely different power structure would be "almost totally new car." At the same time a top manager Kia expressed doubt that such a machine will be high demand. "Soul - a niche vehicle. And is designed for a very small group of customers", - said Hedrick.

The possible appearance on the conveyor pickup Soul'ster management company Kia announced early last year after the debut of the car at the Motor Show in Detroit. Originally this car was meant only as a show car, but the interest of visitors to the car was so high that it forced the South Korean manufacturer to think about creating production version Soul'ster.

The prototype is built on the platform Soul'ster Crossover Kia Soul. Open the back of a pickup can be both freight and passenger, and for the corresponding "turning" the car is only necessary to lay down or lift the front passenger seat and rear seats flush with the floor. Under the hood of the concept car was 120-hp four-cylinder petrol engine with 1.6-liter, paired with a five-step "mechanics".

GM equipped Chevrolet Caprise under police car

General Motors Corporation introduced the latest version of the model modification Police Chevrolet Caprice, wrote WorldCarFans.

As the newspaper writes, created on the platform RWD Holden Statesman car is equipped spetsializiovannymi front seats, Office for the detainees, bracket arms, as well as on-board information center. Under the hood of the car mounted 6.0-liter V8 engine 350 hp, which Caprice is accelerated to 100 CPM less than six seconds.

Deliveries concerned security agencies is GM will begin in October this year.

GM equipped Chevrolet Caprise under police car
GM equipped Chevrolet Caprise under police car
GM equipped Chevrolet Caprise under police car
GM equipped Chevrolet Caprise under police car

Named preliminary price 2011 Kia Optima

Named preliminary price 2011 Kia Optima
New Kia Optima will not appear on sale before this fall, but on the official website of the company is already possible to pick up a complete set and determine the cost of the proposed purchase. Kia Optima 2011 is a streamlined, similar coupe bodywork, complemented with new elements and motors.

LX version comes with a 2.4-liter engine, 200 horsepower, connected to a six-speed, cost from 18 495 dollars, while the model with a 2.0-liter turbocharged unit, the power of 274 hp is worth 23,895 dollars.

As a result, we can say that Kia Optima 2011 will cost more than its predecessor, but for this you can get a brand new equipment and options, together with the upgraded interior.

Toyota Avalon recalls sedans to repair the steering lock

Toyota Motor Corporation is recalling 400 thousand sedans Avalon, sold in the markets of Japan, the USA, Canada and Saudi Arabia for the repair of steering lock, according to Bloomberg.
Revocable Toyota Avalon issued between 2000 and 2003.

The Corporation has received seven reports from around the world about violations of the lock the steering wheel. Incidents associated with this defect has been identified.

Buick Regal 2011 let the salon

Buick Regal 2011
This time, the company's Buick will allow anyone to look at the interior Regal 2011. "The new advertising campaign Buick Regal provides an opportunity to become acquainted with the interior of news" - said in a release.

It is worth recalling that the Opel Insignia is also based on a Buick Regal is available with two engine choices, 2.4-liter Ecotec turbo and 2.0 liter. Ecotec, with an average fuel consumption at 8.3 liters. 100 km.

Originally Buick Regal will be offered at only premium configuration CXL, worth 26,995 dollars, turbo version CXL will be posted later at the price of 29,495 dollars.

2012 Hyundai Azera (Grandeur) Spyshots

2012 Hyundai Azera (Grandeur) Spyshots
Hyundai Azera fit between the Sonata and the Genesis, the target audience which will be provided by the client. The car will get two versions of V-6, one is a 3.3-liter, 234 hp power and the second Lambda, the volume of 3.8 liters., developing 305 hp You can also expect that the engines will be assembled with six-speed automatic transmission.

Current development Azera - a heavy burden on the shoulders of the South Korean automaker. Clients primarily pay attention to the Bole budget cars, which are in the market rather than premium variants.

Special edition Alfa Romeo GT Quadrifoglio d'Oro

Special edition Alfa Romeo GT Quadrifoglio d'Oro
Special edition Alfa Romeo GT Quadrifoglio d'Oro
Special edition Alfa Romeo GT Quadrifoglio d'Oro
Part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the brand Alfa Romeo, the company introduced a special edition coupe GT Quadrifoglio d'Oro, which can be translated as "golden clover". In the past, Alfa Romeo has used a similar logo, which was applied only to "Extra" Class.

In the case of the Alfa Romeo GT Quadrifoglio d'Oro is all it is, here supplemented by 18-inch alloy wheels, shod in wide tires 225/40, with red brake calipers and chrome bodywork. Inside, a special issue added several features, including sport leather seats, aluminum pedals and a new dashboard.

Alfa Romeo GT Quadrifoglio d'Oro is only available with 2.0-liter gasoline engine JTS, power of 166 hp and connected to a five-speed gearbox Selespeed.

The company said that will be released 60 units, worth about 44,300 dollars.

A wireless charging for electric vehicles

A wireless charging for electric vehicles
To charge the car using the system Plugless Power enough to put the car near the station.

How the system works Plugless Power, developed by Evatran, based on electromagnetic induction, but fine-tuning the transfer of energy required from the developers of some effort. Prototypes Plugless Power, according to Earth2Tech, showed the transfer efficiency of 80%. The serial product, as expected, up to 90% of the energy will transfer to its destination.

Device charging station is quite unusual. It consists of a small column, the transformative power of the electric current in a certain frequency and voltage. On the floor of the garage (since the first time the system is uniquely designed for personal use) underneath the car set a flat "pad", but the car is equipped with a sink the size of a shoebox and weighs about 13 kg.

In the sale of wireless charging for electric vehicles arrive in the spring of next year, according to Technology Review, and while the company's website Evatran placed calls to the owners of electric vehicles, living nearby, to take part in testing new products in actual use.

The main reason for choosing this type of charge, according to developers, may be the risk of forgetting the evening drive in the car plug into the socket. The prospect left in the morning without cars may encourage consumers to purchase a wireless charging station, which is automatically activated when the recognition of a car.

SpyShot : 2011 model Chevrolet Camaro Z28 approach

2011 model Chevrolet Camaro Z28
2011 model Chevrolet Camaro Z28
2011 model Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Here it is finally this Chevrolet Camaro Z28 which are rumored for almost two years. You will discover a car at the front since masked somewhat different from that of the Camaro "normal" because of a spoiler to the sportier look, a slightly more rounded hood, new air intakes for better cool the big V8 GM.

We therefore find that the future Camaro Z28 2012 is equipped with the V8 Supercharged 6.2 but it is unclear whether this is the version LSA or LS9 officiating under the hood of the Camaro. One thing is for sure is that this sports car will have the resources necessary and sufficient to get the Mustang GT500 and Challenger SRT8 "new gen".

2011 Chrysler Voyager : His little restyling he foreshadows the future version Lancia?

2011 Chrysler Voyager
Continue our series of spyshots the U.S. fly with this photo of the Chrysler Town & Country (Voyager us) in session restyling of the rear portion of the large minivan, Chrysler Group. It seems to discover redesigned taillights that could well host weddings and receptions of LEDs and a bumper and a tailgate slightly redesigned. Regarding the front of the large MPV, it should be entitled to an altered grille and new LED daytime optical incorporating.

Dodge Charger 2011: Spyshot with a disguise so "police car"

Dodge Charger 2011
Dodge Charger 2011
Here are some new images of the future car of Captain Jim Brass, a follower of the Black Charger, on the side of the Detroit airport ...

Amazing camouflage one chosen by the folks at Dodge Charger 2011 to disguise this during taxi tests.

We therefore find a car that operates smoothly in his appearance (which seems more nose dive, new cut of the glass rear window) but it will not, I think there a real novelty for the people of Dodge as it seems even when the base is the same. We talk a big facelift (like the 300C) instead of a new model!

New Fiesta is in September for U.S. $ 49,900

The price of the model with ABS brakes jumps to R $ 51,150. The top-line version, which adds seven airbags and leather seats, will cost U.S. $ 54,900. According to Ford, the main competitor of the New Fiesta SE (it will have that name not to be confused with the National) will be the Honda City, as part of R $ 57,420.

The brand has not yet confirmed but are expected to hatch version of the model (with prices close to quarrel with Fiat Punto and Volkswagen Polo) to reach the market in mid-October.

Announced the finalists of the 2011 European Car of the Year

Announced the finalists of the 2011 European Car of the Year
The organizers of the Car of the World (COTY) in Europe this year announced the finalists of the awards. Altogether there are 32 candidates for the title than the automotive segment in the Old Continent. The winner will be notified at the end of the year, during the Paris Motor Show, from September.

A group of judges comprised of journalists from across Europe voted in vehicles most innovative and quality in their criteria for choosing the best. They consider mechanical finishing, construction, versions, prices, environmental impact, among other factors. In the past year, the winner was the Volkswagen Polo.

Check below finalists

- Alfa Romeo Giulietta
- Audi A1
- Audi A8
- BMW X3
- BMW 5 Series
- Chevrolet Spark
- Citroen C3
- Citro├źn DS3
- Citroen C4
- Dacia Duster
- FIAT Doble
- Ford C-Max C-Max/Grand
- Honda CR-Z
- Hyundai ix35
- Jaguar XJ
- Kia Sportage
- Kia Venga
- Lexus CT200h
- Mazda5
- Mini Countryman
- Mitsubishi ASX
- Nissan Micra
- Nissan Juke
- Nissan Leaf
- Opel / Vauxhall Meriva
- Renault Wind
- 9-5 Saab
- Seat Alhambra / VW Sharan
- Suzuki Kizashi
- Suzuki Swift
- Volkswagen Touareg
- Volvo S60/V60

Skoda Fabia RS: Prices for the Sport version

Skoda Fabia RS: Prices for the Sport version
Skoda's small car gets September with the family named Fabia RS sports a new leader: Well, the Czechs have announced the prices. The sportiest and its Fabia wagon variant will cost 22 490 € 21 890 respectively. Thus, both lower than the Group's brother Polo GTI, Volkswagen offered for € 22,500.

Toyota Aygo and Yaris Cool Cool: special models with three-cylinder

Toyota Aygo and Yaris Cool Cool: special models with three-cylinder
Toyota offers from its small-car models Aygo and Yaris now "cool" special models: the Aygo is available for 8999 € Cool, Cool of the larger Yaris costs 9999 €. The prices are a used car trade-in while the Toyota dealer. For the Cool Aygo can thus calculate price of 1950 €, the Yaris Cool even of 3250 € - for so much money can be used on any strike far from the open market.

BMW Z4 in hard-tuning More power, more speed and new wheels

BMW Z4 in hard-tuning More power, more speed and new wheels
BMW Z4 in hard-tuning More power, more speed and new wheels
BMW Z4 in hard-tuning More power, more speed and new wheels

Stronger turbo diesel for the Fiat Qubo

 Fiat Qubo
The previous engine range of the Qubo now comes the 1.3 Multijet 16V. The small turbo diesel makes 95 hp and thus the peak power of the series dar. It meets the Euro 5 standards, and to convince with a CO2 emissions of 113 g / km. Besides the new engine, the Italians offer Qubo on the less powerful version of the 1.3 Multijet 75 hp. To a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 73 horsepower and a 77-hp version with equal displacement, which allows the optional operation with natural gas and gasoline.

Qubo on the inside waiting for a revised standard. According to Fiat, the cockpit has been revised, donated the equipment lines and trekking Dynamic new seat covers and two new exterior colors Rosso Speed and flamenco red added to the options list. The only available with the turbodiesel trekking line now includes standard 15 "Alus. Anyone who owns a TomTom navigation device can be connected via adapter to the device and hands-free infotainment system.

The change in the Qubo equipment is accompanied by a price increase, which is in the turbo diesel variants depending on the model, a maximum of 610 €. Equipment options, the Fiat is clear, however, for customers a price advantage of about 800 €. To a maximum of 110 € will be more expensive variants with gasoline and Erdgas-/Benzin-Antrieb. Final prices for the Topdiesel are not fixed yet.

Honda has announced details 2011 Honda Insight

2011 Honda Insight
Japanese manufacturer has announced details of 2011 Honda Insight comes with some improvements based on customer feedback. Honda Insight in 2011 has a new suspension setup that offers improved comfort. 2011 Honda Insight's interior now offers the highest quality materials and model range includes a new top level equipment.

EX 2011 Honda Insight shows a black leather, DVD Sat Nav and mobile phone hands-free equipment.

2011 Honda Insight's chassis has been improved by adjusting the compression rate dampers, changing the angles of curvature back, altering arm rear suspension and modifying the V-shaped bearings.
Honda Insight 2011 now comes with rear parking sensors, chrome rings around the air vents and a silver finish on doors.

2011 Honda Insight's price starts at £ 16,325 for the SE model and goes up to 20,215 pounds for the top EX model.

2012 Model Honda Civic Details

New information about the next generation Civic appeared today in 2012 since the model was spying for the first time. 2012 Honda Civic prototype caught on camera carries heavy camouflage, so we can not say much about design. 2012 Honda Civic is disguised to look like a sedan, but it is clear that the car is below a four-door hatchback body.

In terms of engines, rumors say that the 2012 Honda Civic will have a new diesel engine, smaller than the current 2.2-liter gasoline unit completely new. Another innovation brought by the Honda Civic 2012 will be dual-clutch transmission company that will provide less time to change gear and better fuel economy. A Honda Civic Hybrid 2012 version will also be produced, but until now, its details remain a mystery.
The exterior design of the range will be very likely kept the 2012 Honda Civic, but the type seems to be wider and lower than the current generation model. However, these new dimensions could be present to large interior space, not necessarily to give him a more 2012 Honda Civic Sport.

We have more information on 2012 Honda Civic as soon as they become available.

Renault Megane RS 300 CP

Recently, a variant harcore Megane RS 300 hp was spied doing laps on the Nurburgring. According to British press, the new Renault Megane RS will be powered by 300 hp 2.0-liter engine and will likely compete with the Focus RS and the next Astra VXR. Since you see in spy photos Renault Megane RS 300 hp will have a new aerodynamic package with a new front bumper, new side sills, wider wings and a rear diffuser. The evacuation center will be also present.

The new model hardcore Renault Megane RS 300 hp and could receive a stiffer suspension and better brakes. Guys who drive the new Renault Megane rs 300 hp seem to stand in new clamshell sports seats. Maybe even the car passed through a weight reduction program, but this is just speculation at this point.
Megane RS 300 hp is developed under the supervision of Steve Marvin British engineer who has experience in making models thief hatch.

2012 Mercedes A Class AMG version 6.2 liter V8 engine and new 5.5 liter unit

mercedes f800
mercedes f800
The class is preparing the next generation to make their debut today be heard even a rumor that Mercedes A Class AMG version will see daylight soon. Do not expect to receive Mercedes A Class AMG 6.2 liter V8 engine and new 5.5 liter unit. Would mean to have a hatch 500 + hp. Mercedes A Class AMG version will get a smaller 4-cylinder engine is expected to develop around 270 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. We believe that these values are enough once you get in the same category of power Megane RS VXR Astra and Golf GTI. The new engine's AMG Mercedes A-class will be equipped with direct fuel injection and maybe a turbine or compressor. The exact details are scarce at this time. However, the British press thinks AMG Mercedes A-class model will be first to get technology boost in Hyprex wave-pulse. The car will also be equipped with a dual-clutch box.
However, AMG Mercedes A-class will be one step ahead of other hot hatch sites mentioned, since they expect to be equipped with four-wheel drive.

Mercedes A Class AMG's price is not yet known, obviously, but the hatchback model performance is expected to buy after the new generation enters the model on sale in 2012.

2012 Ford Focus ST new version will take place in October at the Paris Motor Show

New information about the Ford Focus ST 2012 came out today in that area with the world premiere of the new version will take place in October at the Paris Motor Show. It seems that the new 2012 Ford Focus ST will give up the 2.5 liter engine for a more efficient 2.0-liter. The new engine of 2012 Ford Focus ST will have EcoBoost turbo direct-injection power and so power should be still there. Speculation say the 2012 Ford Focus ST could develop 250 hp and 350 Nm of torque which makes it an ECU update distance of the RS version. With 250 hp 2012 Ford Focus ST will have the same performance as the new Megane RS. 2012 Ford Focus ST could go from 0-100 km / h in less than six seconds and up to a maximum speed of 155 mph (250 kph) Some believe that the new Ford Focus ST 2012 could provide a consumer 35 mpg and a CO2 level of 187 g / km.
2012 Ford Focus ST's power will also lead the front wheels via a manual transmission.

2012 Ford Focus ST
2012 Ford Focus ST
2012 Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus RS Hybrid version details and pictures

Ford Focus RS Hybrid
Hybrid Ford Focus RS is expected to be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline EcoBoost developing around 250 hp which will operate the front wheels. Rear wheels of his Ford Focus RS will be powered by a hybrid electric motor. That means the next generation Ford Focus RS will be hybrid and all-wheel drive.

Name Future Hybrid Ford Focus RS has not been decided yet, but possibilities include among XR, SVT and ST.

Sources at Ford say it already started to develop powertrain for the new Ford Focus RS hybrid. However the full power of next-generation Ford Focus RS hybrid will be more than the current version.
Another problem is that the Ford Focus RS will have a hybrid battery pack so that engineers will have to find a place for it, which would increase vehicle weight.

2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo 5 doors version details and photos

2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo 5 doors version details and photos
According to a recent rumor, the Italian manufacturer plans to release the 5-door version of the Alfa Romeo MiTo model. 5 Doors Alfa Romeo MiTo is expected to enter the market in 2013 as the facelift model. Besides the fact that he has an extra pair of doors, five doors Alfa Romeo MiTo will be built on a new platform that will start with the facelift version. It seems that Alfa Romeo MiTo will lend five doors from the Fiat Punto platform. The company aims to improve the handling model, an issue that has been widely criticized.

The same source mentions that the new Alfa Romeo MiTo 5 Doors will be sold on the U.S. market. MiTo's facelift version will be developed to meet U.S. safety standards.
Besides the Alfa Romeo MiTo 5 Doors, Italian manufacturer will launch on the American market and the new model SUV Giulia and their future.

Kill the octopus! Paul octopus is not reassuring

 Paul octopus
Many have laughed but really has happened.

To take a picture and best-known octopus caregivers have pitted the Audi and BMW.

Octopus chose without much problems Audi, car brand that has always been in third place behind the Mercedes and BMW in the sales section.

So fans of the BMW brand have now good reasons to attempt the life of famous octopus, and reasons are shared by Dutch and German (see attaint World Cup 2010).

Maserati Quattroporte performed Novitec

Maserati Quattroporte is one of the most interesting proposals in the segment.

However, the 4.7-liter V-8 engine, outstanding 430 hp and 490 Nm of torque is not enough to compete on a par with German rivals, with the indices M, AMG or Quattro.

In turn, Maserati plans to release the next generation Quattroporte, which will get a new setting and four-wheel drive, but that does not mean that due to this increase significantly specifications. In any case, have to wait at least until 2014, because that is where the term is scheduled release of the new Quattroporte.

Do not wait until this time has decided tuning studio Novitec, offering for Maserati Quattroporte number of proprietary add-ons.

The tuner offers a complete package of modifications aimed at "sharpening" the Italian supercar. Engine bought a new compressor, intermediate heat exchanger, the injector and a revised system ECU, allowing capacity of the car now makes 590 hp and 572 Nm of torque.

Acceleration up to hundreds now takes 4.6 seconds to 200 km / h - 14.9 seconds, with a maximum speed of 295 km / h. To cope with the new power car was fitted with new suspension and 21-inch wheels with 255/30 tires for the rear axle and 295/30 for the front.

Maserati Quattroporte performed Novitec
Maserati Quattroporte performed Novitec
Maserati Quattroporte performed Novitec
Maserati Quattroporte performed Novitec

Hybrid 2011 Lincoln MKZ is estimated to be 35 180 USD

Hybrid 2011 Lincoln MKZ is estimated to be 35 180 USD
Hybrid 2011 Lincoln MKZ is estimated to be 35 180 USD
Lincoln Company granted the value of its first hybrid MKZ 2011. Equipped with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid will cost 35,180 dollars, it is the same value as for the front-wheel 3.5-liter V-6 option.

As the cost of Lincoln MKZ 2011 almost comparable with its main competitor Lexus HS 250h, with fuel consumption in Lincoln a little less, this is also possible to add an attractive look.