Spy photos: 2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster totally naked

The presentation of the SLS AMG Roadster is imminent since the announcement for the show in New York at the end of next month. This does not testers Mercedes to continue the program of road tests with prototypes whose only difference with the previous is the amount of adhesive used to hide the car. If this is not a full nude, masking the area exceeds that of a string of gogo dancer.

It was thought at first that the SLS would Roadster unveiled at Frankfurt, but it is now admitted he made ​​his first physical in New York next month. Just before the summer is perfect. This prototype caught testing does not even bother to hide and exposes to the world and especially its plastic canvas.

This copy has a silver red fabric that contrasts strongly with the rest (black rims, white interior), we imagine that the coordinated colors was not the result of a long search but rather the result of chance. This SLS AMG Roadster is already integrated in a pub of course, traditional doors, allowing us to discover a real doorknob SLS, and contrary to what we see in the picture, the whole point is to drive top down to enjoy an engine that is already part of the past, the 6.2 liter AMG V8.