For Mustang Fans Special Pool Table

pool table mustang
65 Mustang pool table made of polyester, this real-looking Mustang or have parts.

New Racer Rossion Q1 details announced

New Racer Rossion Q1 details announced
M400 is a slightly more refined we can define the interior design Q1 was also overhauled. Ford 3.5 liter volume of the car taken from the shelves of the twin-turbo V6 engine with 450 hp power supply support, 530 Nm of torque. 0-60 nm / s (0-96 km / h) to accelerate the car can be completed in 3.1 seconds, 160 km / h speed of 7.7 seconds to reach. If the vehicle's maximum speed 303 km / h as been announced.

2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X price and details

2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X price and details
2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X price and details
Special track music production vehicle is designed for participation in the championship Dodge Viper Cup, which consists of 10 races - he will start coming in July 2010. Compared with the road version of the Viper, ACR-X has become easier to 72.5 kg at the expense of getting rid of some elements of the salon and received a new aerodynamic body kit with remapped on the racing suspension tune.
Specialists from the SRT and the modified 8.4-liter engine of ten-car - now it gives a 40 "horses" more, totaling 640. Inside - a racing seat, tubular roll cage and a wheel. Recent tests have shown, Viper SRT10 ACR-X is the circle tracks Laguna Seca faster update SRT10 ACR more than 3 seconds.

Production will begin in the spring of 2010, the cost - about $ 110 000.

Modified Ferrari ENZo : Gemballa MIG-U1

Gemballa MIG-U1
The tuning company Gemballa has turned the Ferrari Enzo into a true fighter for the street. The MIG-U1 based on the Ferrari Enzo after the power boost stramme makes 700 horsepower and loud Gemballa is 355 cases quickly. Even the look of her makes only 25 units limited Streetfighter lot.
Just about all the aero parts are made of extremely stiff and high-strength carbon fiber, which pushes the weight of the super sports further down. On the front axle, depending on the speed of up to 35 pounds more downforce and about 85 pounds are produced at the rear. The power output of the factory with 660 bhp Enzo-fired is achieved through small gadgets with the engine electronics as well as an optimized exhaust system. With a base price of 645,000 euros, the tuned version of the Enzo after the intervention by Gemballa should not have to be under a million.

Mercedes-Benz Museum Video and more

More than 2.8 million visitors have experienced since its opening in May 2006, the Mercedes-Benz Museum. But in 2009, approximately 630,000 people were visiting. On peak days have up to 7950 visitors viewed the exhibition on the history, present and future of the automobile. About 15 percent of visitors came from abroad, and thus countries from more than 150th
"With our special exhibitions and numerous events we have convinced the fourth year after the opening of thousands of visitors and are still the most visitors to museums in Germany," said Michael Bock, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Museum GmbH "We look forward to next welcome all the three millionth visitor. "

Report: NHTSA Review 2010 Toyota Prius Brake System

2010 Toyota Prius Brake System
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received complaints from dozens of owners of the last third-generation Toyota Prius brake failure they experienced. Complaints focused on the transition from traditional to regenerative braking, including the possibility that additional forces are needed to properly slow the vehicle

Official: 2011 Ford Boss 302R breaks cover

Official: 2011 Ford Boss 302R breaks cover
Boss is back on track for 2010! 40 years after his name became a road racing legend, the car is returned with a new 5.0-liter V-8 engine. To honor 40 years of Parnelli Jones 1970 Trans-Am championship Mustang Boss 302 prepared by Bud Moore Engineering, has shown, Ford Racing.To purchase a 302R, customers will technically have to place their order through their dealer's parts department, as the vehicle is considered a racing part. Ford will only sell 50 Boss 302Rs, with MSRP starting at $79,000. Deliveries are expected in the fall of 2010.

2011 Mazda RX-7 details

mazda rx7

Mazda is working on a new sports car and according to the American media goes into production in 2011. The name is new RX-7. The new model uses a rotary engine of the new generation. This 16X power in 2007 has been shown in the Taiki concept car . The 1.6-liter engine is great - the current RX-8 has a 1.3-liter.

The new engine should deliver 350 hp, but Mazda probably fit it on the demands of the time and he comes with a capacity of 200 to 250 hp

Hugo Chavez threatens foreign car-makers

hugo chavez
The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has called on the international automobile corporations in the country that they must give the local industry to offer more technology and next to the cars that you really need in Venezuela. The name he called the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, which produces his opinion inexplicably no all-wheel cars.
If it should change the behavior of car manufacturers do not soon, Chavez wants to ask Chinese auto manufacturers to come to his country to produce the "real cars" too. Lightly that Toyota, GM and Co. should not assume that because the President of the South American country is known to not shy in front of expropriation and other measures.

Nice Basket Daihatsu Concept

basket daihatsu concept
daihatsu basket
Four compact car equipped with a removable hardtop over the front seats and a canvas top for the rear passengers. Aimed he apparently simple slogger and masquerading as their major . Cargo "deck" behind the rear seats can carry tools, not caring about their purity, and upholstery that looked like a linen creates a relaxing atmosphere.

2010 - 2011 Nissan Fuga details

nissan fuga
For Nissan Fuga will offer 3 different power units - 2,5 - and 3,7-liter V6, as well as hybrid modification with 3,5 V6. Cost latter option is called at the C-Class. To Infiniti will remain only a 3.7-liter 328-strong unit, though the Japanese were good and for the hybrid.
nissan fuga interior photos
Sales of the car at home will begin in the coming months, a hybrid will be available during the year.

All About the Kia Cadenza 2010

kia cadenza photos
Unlike the latest novelties sister brand Hyundai, made in the Korean-style emphasized, Cadenza, developed under the supervision of Peter Schreier (Peter Schreyer) looks internationally. The name of the machine - Italian musical term, so called push-improvisation on stringed instruments.

According to the leaders of Kia, Cadenza can become one of the leaders of the segment of large luxury sedans by the saturation of equipment for the comfort of passengers. For example, for countries with cold climates will be offered heated steering wheel. Seats will have retractable electric pillows for extra support thighs. For tropical countries offer automatic removal of condensate from the windshield and ventilated seats.

It is interesting that in the first place novelty show at the motor show in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Dubai.

kia cadenza 2010

Techno Jeep - Perfect Music Video

Techno Song Made With Sounds from Jeep Cherokee

2010 Wiesmann MF5 Roadster price and details

Wiesmann MF5 Roadster
Wiesmann MF5 brings a roadster. The two-seater is replaced by an independent rear with bulky subscribed pages. The car is powered by the familiar from the M5 and M6 five-liter V10 with 507 hp. The engine is combined with the equally from the two M-models known sequential transmission with seven switching stages. The 55 pieces per unit cost 189,500 euros.

Wiesmann MF4 Roadster 2010

Wiesmann MF4 Roadster 2010
The sports car manufacturer Wiesmann brings a new roadster called MF4. With 4.24 meters, he is considerably longer than the MF3, which measures only 3.86 meters. With a motorized 4.8-liter V8 with 367 hp this car MF4, which means MF4-S is powered by a 420 hp 4.0-liter gasoline engine. The former will cost 128,900 euros to 137,900 euros Sport version.

2010 VW Transporter Facelift details

2010 VW Transporter Facelift details
Donated the VW T5 Multivan and California variants of a facelift. Thus, there are new headlamps and new transversal strips in between, some fog lights and tail lights. The instruments are now white backlit and provided with a chrome rim. Under the hood is working in the future a 2.0 TDI with common-rail technology. Only one gasoline is still available. Launch was mid-October, prices for the Multivan start at 29,950 euros.

VW Lupo 2010

The end of 2010 will start as the smallest of the VW Lupo Volkswagen, and that with a one-liter three-cylinder engine. A 3.19 meter long, near-production study of 3 +1- seater (E-Up!, Our picture) was seen at the IAA. The new platform will be used in other group brands.

2010 VW Golf R price

The Golf R replaces the R32. While the predecessor took a 3.2-liter V6 for 250 hp, the R has only a two-liter four-cylinder engine and makes 20 hp more. The consumption is 8.5 liters, with more than two liters lower than the R32. As the R32 is also the R is a wheel drive vehicle. It can be ordered for 36,400 euros.
The Golf R replaces the R32. While the predecessor took a 3.2-liter V6 for 250 hp, the R has only a two-liter four-cylinder engine and makes 20 hp more. The consumption is 8.5 liters, with more than two liters lower than the R32. As the R32 is also the R is a wheel drive vehicle. It can be ordered for 36,400 euros.

2010 VW Golf Variant price

2010 vw varşant
According to the other body versions of the Golf began in September, the variant in a new form. The top equipment is now called High Line instead of Sportline. To start a TSI with 122 hp and are two common-rail diesel with 105 hp and 140 to choose from. Later Saugbenziner follow with 80 and 102 hp and a TSI with 160 PS. Prices start at 18.500 euro.

2010 Volvo C70 Facelift

c70 facelift 2010
Volvo C70 has reviewed. The lower air intake, front air guiding elements, the headlights and the fog lamp bezels were changed. It was also larger than the S80 and the brand logo. Inside there is a newly formed dashboard. The facelift version premiered at the IAA in late 2009 and comes on the market.

2010 Volvo S80 Facelift details

volvo s80
The Volvo S80 gets a bigger brand logo on the grill, and a new cockpit. In addition, the two five-cylinder diesel engine has become stronger and now make 175 and 205 hp. There are also subject to a two carriages: a standard version and a sport suspension. Prices start at 32,280 euros.

Volvo C30 Facelift 2010

volvo c30 2011
The compact model from Sweden receives a new front with a very different lights, a modified bumper and a larger brand logo. In addition, there are more color versions and a new Stylindpaket with aluminum details. The engines remain unchanged.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2010 price and details

toyota land cruiser 2011
Since 1954, the Land Cruiser is on the market. The latest generation builds on its predecessor, but is more rounded. With the well-known but improved three-liter four-cylinder diesel (!) With 173 hp consumes the Land Cruiser is now only eight instead of 9.1 liters. Inside, the two land cruisers are variants of more space. The three-door who is from 36,950 euros to the five-door will cost at least 39,700 euros.

2010 Toyota Prius Specs and price

toyota prius
In the third generation of the Prius has little visually, but technically changed much. The full hybrid combines a 1.8-liter gasoline engine with Atkinson-timing system with new electrical components and a lighter planetary gear. The 99-horsepower gasoline engine, the electric motor with 60 kW (82 hp) and the battery with 27 kW guarantee a system output of 136 hp. The fuel consumption is provided by the manufacturer with 3.9 liters per 100 kilometers. Market launch was on 27 June, with prices starting at 24,950 euros.

The Genius : Tesla Model S 2011

tesla model s 2011
According to the Tesla Roadster is introducing a five-seat sedan called the Model S. As the first model has the electric car lithium ion batteries, which should be good for up to 480 kilometers range. Other battery and motor data Tesla is still guilty. In the U.S., the S model will be offered in 2011 for the equivalent of € 42,500.

The Genius : Tesla Roadster 2010 price

The California manufacturer introduces an improved version of its electric Roadster
The California manufacturer introduces an improved version of its electric Roadster. It has new exterior carbon-on parts, inside a button instead of a lever to select the automatic mode. Moreover, the new electric motor will have more power - so far it had 251 hp. The range of the stately old version was 390 kilometers. Stately, however, is the price: 105,910 euros. You can reserve the car already, the first retailer in Germany opened in September in Munich.

Suzuki SX4 Facelift 2010 details and price

<br />The little Suzuki SX4 SUV in November

The little Suzuki SX4 SUV in November, received a facelift and new engines. Externally, only little things have changed, inside the instruments now received a blue touch. Gist: The 1.9-liter diesel engine is replaced by a much more economical two-liter.

Spied : 2010 Suzuki Swift

Uncamouflaged is the new Swift at the Geneva show in early 2010, market launch is likely to be in the summer of 2010.
Suzuki Swift will soon bring a new generation - our Erlkönig picture shows them. Supposedly the Swift increases from 3.76 to about 3.90 meters, which creates more room inside. Uncamouflaged is the new Swift at the Geneva show in early 2010, market launch is likely to be in the summer of 2010.

Subaru Outback 2010 details

Subaru Outback 2010 details
The fourth generation of the Outback was supposed to start in September, but so far it is not on the market. She looks much different and the ground clearance increased to a respectable 22 centimeters. The three motors are to have become something more economical. Also new is a CVT transmission. Prices for the new Outback is not yet known.

Subaru Legacy 2010 details

subaru legacy
At the New York Auto Show in April, presented the new Subaru Legacy with a completely new look and four more inches of length. In Germany, the well-known gasoline come with 150 hp and the equally strong diesel is used, perhaps the 3.6-liter six-cylinder petrol engine. The prices are not fixed yet.

Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder 2010 details

Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder
In the spring of 2010 brings the Spyker Spyder version based on the second generation of the C8 Aileron. It has a semi-automatic soft top. Like the coupe, the Spyder is a mid-engine car with a 15-inch longer wheelbase than the C8 Laviolette and the C8 Spyder. When designing the vehicles are based on the paradigm of aircraft turbine.

Smart ed 2010

smart ed
With great fanfare, Daimler CEO Zetsche presented in autumn 2008, the smart electric drive. The smart ed has a lithium-ion battery and comes with a cargo of about 100 kilometers wide. For the construction of infrastructure - ie the installation of charging stations - is responsible partners RWE. The end of 2009 comes to go ed as a small series on the market in the sale of the car, however, until 2010.

Skoda Superb Combi 2010 price

Skoda Superb Combi 2010 price
The Skoda Superb Combi is the same length of 4.83 meters as the sedan. The trunk has a capacity from 633 to 1865 liters. The engine range of the loading Superb largely corresponds to the offer for the Superb sedan. Three petrol and two diesel engines are therefore first choice. Prices start at 23,950 euros for the 125-hp 1.4 TSI. Sales will start in January 2010.

Honda VFR 1200 F coming early 2010 - with pictures gallery

Honda VFR 1200 F
Honda VFR 1200 F
Honda VFR 1200 F
Honda VFR 1200 F
Probably in February 2010 Honda VFR 1200 F will bring to the market. The Sportourer is powered by a V4 engine with 1237 cc engine and driven 127 kW / 172 hp. The maximum power is on at 10 000 revolutions per minute. The force is first transmitted at a VFR via shaft drive. 90 percent of the maximum torque of 129 Nm available from 4000 rpm available.

Skoda Fabia Scout 2010 details

Skoda Fabia Scout
About July, the station wagon version of the Fabia Scout came in robust packaging to the market. It has different bumpers, side planks and plastic 16-inch aluminum wheels. Moreover, including fog lamps with cornering lights, and aluminum pedals as standard equipment. Two petrol and two diesel engines are offered. Prices start at 17,550 euros.

Skoda YETI 2010 price

2010 yeti
At the Geneva Motor Show, Skoda introduced the production version of the Yeti, in July came the compact SUV on the market. The 4.22-meter-long five-door will be equipped in the lower engines with front wheel drive, the more powerful versions with all-wheel drive. The Yeti has a tumble seating system, like a minivan. When constructed to fit into back seats to 1760 liters of luggage. Prices start at 17,990 euros for a 105-horsepower gasoline engine, albeit starting only in November.

Seat Leon and Altea Facelift 2010

seat leon
Seat Leon and Altea ranges donated to a moderate facelift. Especially the newly designed front bumper. Other changes include larger rear window, tail lights and other components. In terms of driving now come new common rail diesel engine like the 2.0 TDI with 170 hp. The strongest gasoline engine is henceforth a two-liter TSI with 211 hp. The variants with DSG direct shift now have steering wheel controls. The Leon will in future also offered as a sporty flagship model FR (image).

Seat Exeo ST 2010 price

exeo st 2010
By the end of the limousine Exeo 2009 also comes a combi version called Exeo ST on the market, which is also based on the old Audi A4 series. The engines are the same as the sedan. The boot volume is 442 liters, the maximum volume was not disclosed. Prices start at 23,290

Seat EXEO 2010 details and price

EXEO seat
The new Seat Exeo based on the old Audi A4 by the Group's brother, and it shows the saloon also clear. The car is already receiving the new common-rail diesels from VW. It is introduced in spring with prices starting at around 21,990 euros.

Seat Ibiza ST 2010 details

Can you still remember the Cordoba Vario? Right, that was a small-car wagon, which was offered from 1997 to 2002. Now, back seat is planning a small station wagon, the ST Ibiza hot and will come in the first half of 2010 on the market. The at the IAA (2009 study, our image is shown) with 4.22 meters 17 centimeters longer than the sedan.

Saab 9-5 2010 details

9-5 saab
The new 9-5 is based on the Opel Insignia, but a little longer. Unlike before, the 9-5 comes to the future with one step. To introduce the beginning of 2010 can be between a 160-horsepower diesel, a 220-hp turbocharged gasoline engine and a turbocharged V6 with 300 hp choose. A small 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 180 HP follows with a brief summary of it designed to E85 BioPower engine.

Saab 9-3X 2010 details

Saab 9-3X 2010
The Saab brand exists despite a huge mess GM yet. And there's even a new model, the 9-3X. On the website of the manufacturer can configure the car. Prices start at 36,650 euros. Therefore we get the front-wheel drive with a 180-hp 1.9-liter diesel. There is also a wheel drive vehicle, nicknamed XWD. It is powered by a two-liter gasoline engine with 210 hp.

History of Renault - video

2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost details

rolls royce ghost
The study was 200EX Rolls-Royce at the Geneva Motor Show a preview of the planned second series of the brand that is positioned below the Phantom. Serves as a platform for the long version of the new 7 Series BMW. The 5.40 meter long car is driven by the twelve-cylinder engine from the BMW 760i.

2010 Renault Clio Campus Facelift price

2010 Renault Clio Campus Facelift price
Peugeot Has Provided the 206, now does so at the Renault Clio: The old model is actually detached not only sells more, it even gets another facelift (bottom left). The Clio Campus has done well there. What is new including the now-end barbecue. Also new is the 64-horsepower diesel. At an ESP must refrain Clio Campus drivers on. Prices start at 9500 euros.

2010 Renault Kangoo Be Bop info

kangoo be bop
The Renault Kangoo Be Bop is a 3.87 meter long, four-seater minivan. It is based on the Kangoo, but has a shorter wheelbase. Special Feature: Through the glass roof and a fully retractable rear window, the rear passengers can grab a lot of fresh air. The rear seats are moved along and are removable. Under the hood is a 109-hp gasoline engine works. Market launch was in April, the price is 16,950 euros

2010 Renault Clio GT and facelift details

2010 Renault Clio GT and facelift details
Renault Clio donated a facelift. In the small car gets a new, far into the flanks drawn headlamps and a large central air intake. There is also a new version called the Clio Sport GT. It is fueled by a slightly weaker version of the 1.6-liter gasoline engine from the Twingo RS. In Clio GT 128 instead, he makes 133 hp.