Vorsteiner Ventross Nissan GT-R

The front bumper, radiator for enlarged with carbon fiber air entry. At the same time, side vents for the brakes in the form of half the openings includes an additional source of cooling air. Has completed an aggressive front Spoiler appearance. All carbon fiber used in the construction of the front. This Vorsteiner'ın reduce weight, the vacuum force to the highest level of technology using a special piece of carbon fiber.

The second new component also made from carbon fiber rear difüzör. Ventross the car with the factory plastic piece that contains three wings, carbon fiber parts distributor with integrated changed. The thin wings of the exhaust system to help cool the mouth with central heat removal.

Volkswagen Eos body kit

Packed in a front bumper skirt, side skirts and a subtle tailgate of the wing is made of. With this version we have seen the other car body kits certainly much more often does not have an aggressive style, more standard view on the "low profile" is aimed for those wishing to make a difference. Kit purchased with a set of alloy wheels complete the picture of the tool can be opened later.

Ariel Atom 500

Some details about the new V8 engine of 500 atoms has been published. 500 heavy and looks like a small atomic device, but not really. 3 liters in volume, with 500 horse power V8 engine. A 6-speed sequential gearbox with the car to power the rear wheels are on. Steering wheel with gear change from the atrium will be offered the option. The Atom 500 V8 version to the market in February 2008, designed by Russel savory feed a 2.4 liter supercharged V8, was equipped with.

New Honda Fury Chopper Gallery

Motor Type: 1312cc liquid-cooled 52° V-twin
Bore and Stroke: 89.5mm x 104.3mm
Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
Valve Train: SOHC; three valves per cylinder
Induction: PGM-FI with automatic enricher circuit, one 38mm throttle body
Ignition: Digital with three-dimensional mapping, two spark plugs per cylinder
Transmission: Five-speed
Final drive: Shaft
Front: 45mm fork; 4.0 inches travel
Rear: Single shock with adjustable rebound damping and five-position spring preload adjustability; 3.7 inches travel
Front: Single 336mm disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear: Single 296mm disc with single-piston caliper
Front: 90/90-21
Rear: 200/50-18
Wheelbase: 71.24 inches
Rake (Caster Angle): 38.0°
Trail: 3.5 inches
Seat Height: 26.7 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons
Colors: Dark Red Metallic, Metallic Silver, Ultra Blue Metallic, Black, Matte Silver Metallic (2010 special color—limited production)
Curb Weight*: 663 pounds

newhonda chopper
new chopper picture
honda bike picture
new honda chopper bike photo

Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport Photo Gallery

most of the money to buy luxury roadster

Limited production of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Gran Sport company Molsheim, France went into production in the center.

2010 Opel Insignia OPC Sports Tourer

2010 Opel Insignia OPC Sports Tourer
2010 Opel Insignia OPC Sports Tourer
2010 Opel Insignia OPC Sports Tourer
2010 Opel Insignia OPC Sports Tourer

works under the hood of the sedan and wagon Insignia OPC with a 325 hp V6 with 2.8 liters and a turbo Twins Croll. In this special form of the turbocharger, the exhaust gases of the two cylinder banks are merged until just before the turbine. This is to keep the energy loss through the small loader. The OPC unit is derived from the 260-hp engine, there is in the Insignia Sport and Cosmo. What there will not jump into the cylinder, but classically injected into the intake manifold. Unlike the 260-hp versions, which are either to buy it with automatic transmission, the OPC is always delivered with six-speed circuit.

The powerful motor delivers 435 Newton-meter that can be felt on every meter. A technical curiosity is that the maximum torque is applied at the same speed as the maximum power. From 2,000 to about 4,200 rpm it to 400 Newton meters, then makes a detour curve upwards and reaches 5250 rpm the maximum value. Thus, in every situation more than enough power available.

Chrysler Nassau Concept: Luxus-Coupé im Shooting-Brake-Look

Chrysler Nassau Concept: Luxus-Coupé im Shooting-Brake-Look
The Chrysler Nassau explored with its combination of sophistication, functionality and style a new representation of the American brand. Though the wheelbase measures at least 3.05 meters, the Nassau is visually smaller than an comparable Chrysler 300C. The silhouette emphasizes traditional body proportions, reminiscent of a classic English shooting brake - liquid and sophisticated. To achieve this compact appearance, the Chrysler Nassau has short overhangs front and rear, while the body, the 21-inch ten-spoke wheels almost wraps.

The roof line is similar to that of a true coupe, but in fact the 4.98 meters long, 1.89 meters wide and 1.50 meters high, four-door Chrysler Nassau, one with a solid roof, with the shut-down side windows reveals the absence of a B-pillar. The profile line runs down to the taillights and leads the eye to the energetic rear with the unexpected nature of the Shooting Brake.

The interior of the Chrysler Nassau you meet a new world of luxury, is specifically aimed at a younger, aspiring audience. The dominant theme is the interior is a flowing, seamless sculpture made of leather and fabrics, which are derived from a futuristic interior design. Four individual seats that each of the four passengers his personal sphere.

The Publishing products to iPods and MP3 players reminiscent instrument panel is an example of new technologies in data display, personal control interface and heimkinoinspirierte entertainment dar. The gear selection is via a user group on the dashboard - also are on the steering wheel shift paddles.

Chrysler Nassau Concept: Luxus-Coupé im Shooting-Brake-Look
Chrysler Nassau Concept: Luxus-Coupé im Shooting-Brake-Look
Chrysler Nassau Concept: Luxus-Coupé im Shooting-Brake-Look

Audi LED running lights? No thanks

I'm going out on a limb here at Autocar, because I think I'm pretty much the only one in the office who doesn't like Audi's new LED daytime running lights, as found on the R8, A5 and posher versions of the new A4.

I'm all for the notion of having some lights on during daylight hours (especially given the increasing number of people who seem to forget to put lights on even at night), but these things are vulgar, plain and simple.

They are the expensive equivalent of the inappropriately-used foglights beloved of Saxo VTS drivers in baseball caps.

And yes, I know that makes me sound snobbish, but seriously, what is the point of these lights? If there were also rear daytime lights then it would make a lot more sense, but there aren't.

Of course, there is a solution - deep within Audi's rather effective MMI system, there's an option to switch the lights off.
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New Paint that Repairs Scratches Automatically

Not that we’re recommending that you put it to the test, but Nissan Motor Co. has developed a new exterior paint that will automatically repair itself if it gets scratched. Reportedly finding its first North American application with the new 2008 Infiniti EX35 when it gets launched here in late December, “fluid finish” technology is set to revolutionize the automotive paint industry

So how does it work? Like most new innovations, it sounds a lot simpler than it probably is. The trick comes down to a unique clearcoat layer that contains an elastic resin. The resin retains fluidity for about three years into the car’s life, allowing the coating to flow back into shape, thus erasing minor scratches.

According to Nissan, the special paint takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days to fully remove a scratch, the variables due to air temperature levels and the severity of damage done to the affected area.

Of note, the upcoming EX35 will compete in the fast growing compact luxury segment currently occupied by Acura’s RDX, BMW’s X3 and Land Rover’s LR2. Audi and Volvo are expected to enter this segment soon, while premium compact SUVs from Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Saab are rumoured. Volkswagen, considered by many to be an entry-level premium brand, will offer its new Tiguan in this segment next year.

None offer self-repairing paint, however, although as innovative as this new technology appears it will be unlikely to affect overall sales dramatically.

The EX will offer a camera-based “lane departure prevention” system, mind you, which combined with other safety features and what is expected to be a dynamic driving experience, will no doubt make the stylish EX35 a formidable player.

Former Chrysler Dealerships to take Automaker to Court

We all know that Chrysler is in chapter 11 bankruptcy and we also all know that it wants to close down 789 of its dealerships. Well, the owners of the dealerships affected have responded. And they intend to fight.

It’s not as if anyone didn’t expect it.

Owners, according to the Detroit News, are hiring lawyers to fight the terminations of their franchise agreements. Interestingly, said lawyers will help also figure out ways to deal with inventory of unsold cars left to them to get rid of after June 9.

Dealers want the bankruptcy court to rule that it won’t neglect state franchise laws and allow Chrysler to close dealerships. Instead, attorneys for the dealers are calling for the court to rule that Chrysler cannot close the dealerships until after it emerges from bankruptcy.

Dealers also object to being stuck with unsold vehicles. They argue that they were given only a month’s notice to sell their inventory during one of the worst economic times the country has ever faced. Attorneys are calling for the court to take steps to avoid a so-called "fire sale" . Dealers argue that such a situation will cause a glut of reduced cost vehicles in the market and price wars will result which will devalue brands and make it harder for Chrysler to sell new vehicles.

Our take? Keep in mind that General Motors will soon be in Chrysler’s shoes. No doubt, its dealers will fight, too. So one can expect a real mess to transpire and it may last for awhile.

Porsche 911 gt2 turbo perfect modified

Porsche 911 GT2 is powerful and expensive, but not for the wicked tuners from Wimmer RS. Recently they came out with a performance tunning package that will cost a rich guy some €29,800. This little monster now includes a software modified win-turbo 3.6-liter boxer engine, redesigned cylinder heads and high performance camshafts. All these for a whopping 680 hp and 870 Nm of torque that takes the Wimmer 911 GT2 from naught to 100 km/h in only 3.4 seconds forward to a top speed of 356 km/h. As for the exterior, there aren’t any big changes. Only a carbon fiber rear lip spoiler, carbon fiber mirror housings, 20-inch Sportec wheels, and a lowered suspension.

2009 Land Rover Review and video or pictures

Land Rovers have always gone their own way – often literally. While off-roading demands a low center of gravity and muddy trails would seem to warrant hose-out interiors and body-on-frame-construction, the British automaker has long contented itself building tippy-looking unibody boxes with tall greenhouses and opulent cabins – the anti-Humvee, as it were. Further, in recent iterations, they've packed their products with immense electronic systems, air suspensions, dial-a-topography Terrain Response controller, and so on... the very sort of complexity that ought to be enough to send English sports car enthusiasts running back to their therapists' offices.

And yet, the formula has always worked – vehicles like the Range Rover and Discovery (now LR3) have somehow managed to earn both Kalahari-traversing credentials and valet stand privileges. Other companies have attempted the leather-lined off-roader thing before (Lamborghini, Lexus, Hummer, Porsche, and LaForza come to mind), but while some have added the trappings of luxury to their SUVs, exactly no one has been as successful in marrying their vehicles to the notion of aristocracy – the sort of "Lord and Master of All That I Survey" quality that has remained Solihull's historic preserve. In short, Land Rovers have always been a gloriously and uniquely British contradiction on wheels – a fact that goes some way toward explaining why your author remains more than a little conflicted when it comes to this LR2.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Retro Design Video and pictures

The new Camaro was released in the U.S. later, but General Motors has retro-style muscle-bound cars made the first call you back. Caused by a problem with the battery cable back to the call, and 1.243 unit includes V8 engine Camaro'yu. Why the positive battery cable box, get closer positioning of the starter motor. GM'e, the cable insulation to make contact with the starter motor can be corrosive and potentially a car stop and may cause further work, even in the engine compartment, even causing fire to come out, but such cases were reported. General Motors, dealers of the positive battery cable, leaving the direction of change appropriate distance, he said.

Super Cars, Bad Colors

Singapore 'in front of the Marina Mandarin hotel, and the photos look almost like a Barbie doll that Pagani Zonda of 350 km / h speed, how much can be now?

colored Bugatti Veyron
2.5 seconds, 100 km / s speed and final speed reached 407 km / h in the Bugatti Veyron to competitors is not the way to renew the owner's color preferences. Pink and a Bugatti Veyron works with the same color tones ...

colored rolls royce
a purple color Rolls Royce Phantom? Of nobility, luxury, dream car Rolls Royce Phantom with impressive design with purple color does not look like the old one. In England the rumors spread by vehicles belonging to the princess Kuwait.

Nano, 16 days, 203 thousand orders were received

India's largest vehicle manufacturer, Tata, in that, between April 9 and April 25 of a total 25 billion rupee (510 million dollars) said the order received.

However, due to production problems Tata, Nano by the end of 2010 could only produce 100 thousand.

Nano'nun the simplest model, to 100 thousand rupee (2 thousand dollars) with a few other words, even laptoplardan are sold at a discount. Orders during the 95's of thousand rupee is to be paid as a deposit.

The first delivery of the tool will begin in July.

185 air-conditioned and auto glass of thousand rupee Nano'nun''deluxe''versions of the semi-creating order, customers in the rest of the mid-level model of 30 percent, 20 percent chose the cheapest model.

The company, Tata Nano Web site between March 23-April 25 date was visited 30 million times, and 1.4 million people in Tata's agent to see the gallery said.

Currently only 9 thousand persons in India is falling car.

Last year 1.5 million cars sold in India in.

Ferrari Supermodel Sexy 599XX Review, Pictures and Video

ferrari sexy
In fact, the car in Geneva Motor Show to be announced, even though Ferrari did not disclose many details. 599XX supermodel-sexy, with the same axle and engine components GTB Fiorano, but Ferrari engineers tool has some extensive improvements were implemented. With the update of the motor in the firing room at a maximum speed of 400 revolutions per minute to 8 thousand to 9 thousand rpm did.

GTB, 12-cylinder engine and has hosted 612 horse power, the XX has 700 horse power. Applied in large quantities of carbon fiber on the body and becomes more comfortable thanks to the intensity of aluminum car parts, new gear box, the strategy also has the 700 horse power can go to the summit.

599XX, called High Performance Dynamic Concept of a new electronic concept. In this way, given the performance of the aerodynamic components are provided in the extraordinary efficiency.

ferrari 599xx
ferrari sexy 599xx

2009 model new FIAT SEDICI

Not renewed in view of the car actually makes engine changes. 4 × 4 version of the front drive and motor can be chosen by the 120 hp gasoline engine and 135 horse power 1.6 lt 2.0 lt Multijet.

Fiat SEDICI 2009
2009 sedici pics
new fiat sedici 2009