Irmscher 7 Selectra electric Roadster Small power athletes with brutal acceleration

Even before 1994, the company Remshalden the small-car model Selectra. It was equipped with a serial hybrid drive. Under the label "i Selectra" which stands for "Irmscher sporty electric drives", now comes after 16 years of the 7 Selectra. It is based on the Irmscher 7 Turbo, a 210-hp or interpretation of the legendary Lotus Seven Super Seven, built in the originals from 1957 to 1972. Instead of a conventional internal combustion engine is replaced by an electric drive of 7 Turbo: It delivers 175 kilowatts, or about 238 hp. The maximum torque is 800 Newton meters. The concept car built in the translation to a top speed of 186 km / h may be possible. Depending on the setting of the electronics are noisy Irmscher acceleration times from zero to 100 km / h expected to be less than four seconds.