How To Get a Kim Kardashian Booty

How To Get a Kim Kardashian Booty

*How To Get a Kim Kardashian Booty

So How Did Kim Get Those Buttocks?

Ok, Ladies is it just me, or have the booty's in the Hollywood gotten even bigger? I remember when it was unheard of to have any large part of the female anatomy; especially within the entertainment industry. Well now, thanks to Celebs like, JLo, -Beyonce, and the entire Kardashian clan Hollywood has become ,shall I say," a little bit more well rounded." The quest for a bigger booty is not all that complex, so I have learned.

Kim Kardashian is one of the many celebs with killer curves and hips to die for. Her most noted feature is her booty! An judging from the photo above, I guess you could say that she is Bootylicious. Doesn't it make you wonder, "How can I get a Kim Kardashian Booty"?

So ladies I decided to do research for those of us who are on our quest to gain a Kim Kardashian booty? Ok, ladies I know that you have been told many times that booty's are genetic and you can only expect minimal results. This is partly true, because Kim Kardashian's booty is a part of her heredity working the glutes can help you obtain minimal results. Kim credits her booty to heredity partly, and eating junk food. I don't know about u ladies but If I could eat junk food and still look like this I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

However Kim has a few work out dvd's out, you guys should check them out. Her most denoted workout dvd is entitled "Fit in you Jeans by Friday". Though it is highly unlikely that the focus of her workout dvd would help you gain booty meat. It will at least show you some great gluteal exercises. I have compiled research on how to get a bigger booty below. Please review it and let me know what u think. If you have any insight please feel free to bless me with it. 
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