Charlie Sheen, the man who offers luxury cars for all his conquests

Charlie Sheen is an actor very funny, for those who may have seen in works as varied as Hot Shot or Uncle Charlie. And regarding automobiles, actor producer does everything to please his female conquests ... Whether or not porn actresses.

The budget "gifts Automobiles " Charlie Sheen is the least impressive. For starters, the man offered a Bentley Continental GTC Kacey Jordan, an actress in pornographic films. And as Charlie is obviously a big fan of film actresses in this category, he also offered a Porsche 911 Turbo for another actress X.

It's not all: Charlie Sheen has also bought a Mercedes S63 AMG for his current girlfriend and a Mercedes CL600 for his future ex-wife Brooke Mueller. In total, he would have 780 000 dollars in gifts, or the price of a Bugatti Veyron Used. Between the supercars and (multiple) females, Charlie has made his choice.