Next Generation 2012 Volkswagen Beetle will be presented on April 18

The new Volkswagen Beetle can be seen behind a screen on the Oprah show last November but the people at VW announced today that it will be presented officially on April 18. The car will be presented simultaneously at a special event in Berlin, the report of Shanghai and the report of New York. To achieve greater exposure may, VW announced it will collaborate with MTV where promotaroun the new Beetle The Black Eyed Peas in New York and Berlin.

The car retains the same design philosophy, has dual exhaust tailpipes and rests on 19 wheels. There have been dramatic - for the better - change is inside, having used better quality materials, space for passengers grew and installed the new RNS entertainment company

Two weeks of patience to see the New Beetle with sales to America to start this autumn in Europe and will be available later.