Chinese police seized a gold Infiniti G-37

The world's fastest growing market in the world would expect that everything is permitted. The people there came from under communism and began to discover he's the capitalist way of life. Large commercial, fast cars, jewelry, etc. Let's stay in the jewelers in this article.

A jeweler Tuesday, March 29 had the idea to invest an Infiniti G-37 entirely in gold standard to attract the attention of the world. She took the Infiniti and parked on the sidewalk on a busy street of Nanjing to grab the attention of passersby. But he pulled Come and look like the traffic that you understand the parking on the sidewalk is not allowed. Besides the G-37 did not have signs.

It took a crane and then cut the call after the load and left! I really do not want to be the owner of the jeweler. Now we have to pay the fine within 10 days otherwise the car will be destroyed!