Australian car crashes with 30 meters deep and survived - video

In Australia, a woman with her car from the top floor of a parking garage fell 30 meters in depth - and survived!

The spectacular accident in downtown Melbourne: Around 9 clock will take a woman from her car on the sixth floor of a parking garage. But it breaks through the security barriers and crashed her car into the narrow courtyard behind the garage.

The car slams repeatedly against the walls of houses before it hits bottom.

"It sounds so like in a truck accident, " says eyewitness Michael Rockefeller. "The noise lasted for five or six seconds. And in the end it was a loud bang. "

The windshield is completely demolished. The silver compact car after the horror fall a wreck.

Because the car park between the house wall and a second building is stuck, you need the fire department half an hour to free the driver.

But she lives, is even accessible! With knife wounds to her head she was taken to hospital, her condition is stable.