Chrysler register the mark "Cuda" the big comeback?

Plymouth Barracuda Hemi 1971
Information has been disclosed about the fact that Chrysler would have registered the trademark "Cuda", the nickname of the legendary Plymouth Barracuda that shook walls and windows of your home in the '70s along with the Dodge Challenger.

The intentions of the manufacturer after the announcement, however, remain unknown to this day. Ralph Gilles, president and CEO of Dodge and senior vice president at Chrysler LLC, said the company was trying to bring the Barracuda to life, but nothing was done.

Recall that the Plymouth brand is no longer used today, even though she is still the intellectual property of Chrysler.

Another theory is that the manufacturer has also just recorded the name of the fireball to prevent it from being reused by another manufacturer. By cons, with the return of the Challenger and the new design which brings the Charger to its origins, the return of the 'Cuda "would be a logical next step.